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  1. It may seem odd but I was able to show up for work today. That is positive, as it means with all that is going on I still have a job, and I am healthy enough to work my job. This job has given me an idea of something I like to do, which I wasn't sure I would like.
  2. I wasn't aware of this forum until today. I do use mods for a few games, and think it's great that it exists. There is one group that I am waiting to get approved in, and that will happen. I am only on my first day here and they mention it can take 24 hours. Browsing around I haven't seen any snarky responses either which is great! Of course being nice is in the rules, it's nice to not see it in the forums. This forum seems to be full of people that are willing to help.
  3. Depending on the game, the mod can have a big impact for the better, or make it worse. Games like Minecraft relies heavily on mods to add to the base content of the game. This! Another great example on why to mod. If there is something that could make a game more realistic. Some people will mod to make a game harder. Others just want to have fun in a game without worrying about it and will make it easier. A lot is personal preference.
  4. I haven't modded but wanted to add a viewpoint from someone that downloads mods. A creator creates a game in their vision. Sometimes there are things that add ease of life for the player. For me that is where mods come in. I don't necessarily have to play the game all the way through before I mod it, but I do try to know what the mod is changing so if I am talking to someone and they aren't aware of an item or feature, I can be aware that it was probably from a mod. Some mods add structure changes and change the look to. You can create a whole different game experience
  5. Thanks. Learning my way around the forums here.
  6. Hello. A friend introduced me to the site. I am guessing you can't do the about you section until account is a certain number of days old.
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