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  1. Hey so as the title say I'm looking for some high poly heads I know about KouLeifoh but I have no idea how to download it so are there any other ones?
  2. Love this mod but I have two problems dogs are missing there penis textures or is flaccid and super mutants are also flaccid
  3. As the title says there bunch of different one now for the body so I was wondering what are the one I should be actually use and the ones to avoid are?
  4. Hey this is my first time getting mods from here and I downloaded this one and the recommended mods for this one but no animations worked with the error of 034,078 and a aaf error no position data and looked around and some people said this might be a corruption or f4se needs updating so i did have a update for and it never changed anything so I reinstalled in along with aff and now when i try to play the game it says that I have a bunch of mods missing now and more errors on aff such as 003 and a some more being mods i have and now says i that they are not found. so any advice on what to to?
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