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  1. Or better yet, if someone could make some bodygen presets designed to work with CBBE 3BBB instead of CBBE SMP (the ousnius CPU-frying one) that would really help the CBBE 3BBB people? Or presets that favour smaller boobs, that would help the people who prefer smaller boobs? I'm not either of those unfortunately.
  2. Yes just edit morphs.ini which is in Meshes\actors\character\BodyGenData\Skyrim.esm and remove everything from the All|Female section
  3. "skyrim director + animated photoshopping" haha yes that's it exactly. Pose adjuster, bat files, blender, davinci resolve and lots of patience.
  4. It works with the original CBBE or CBBE SMP by ousnius if you have all the requisite mods correctly installed. I don't use CBBE 3BBB so can't guarantee it will work with that.
  5. Kind of - painting meshes are from a mod called BB's art supplies I think, just replaced the painting texture with solid green, made it easier to get a clean matte cutout to insert the effects. I did this in a couple of scenes for ep 4 too.
  6. For anyone who cares about this kind of stuff, here are some shots that didn't make the cut for episode 6, plus some "BTS" type shots I grabbed along the way. Failed attempt at using complex particle light. Better. Levitating house. More levitating house. Bad eye-line. More bad eye-line. And more bad eye-line. Bad lighting. Bad hair. Bad guard! Giant green screen in the middle of Solitude. Forgot the dead bodies. Lighting guy - too far away. Better.
  7. You would need a clothing replacer that has uniboob meshes. Bodygen doesn't do that as far as I know
  8. So that's it for Nelfim and Ramara (for now?) Thanks for all the kind comments and messages. As usual with my projects this became much bigger than it should have been, but it was a lot of fun to make and I learned quite a bit along the way. I'll probably be back later in the year with more (thinking Danika and Monika spin-off series?) and I'm also developing my own original animated series. Oh and I'll post some "behind the scenes" shots soon for people who are interested in that sort of thing.
  9. Previously: Episode 6, Part Four View this entry on my website. "I'm coming for you! I am coming for you!" "She won't snap out of it. You must do something, Morsi." "There is nothing we can do for her now. You may pray to the gods for her salvation. I am beyond their reach." As night fell, a blinding fog enveloped the city. "This should be interesting." "Steady, now." "What are they waiting for? Why won't they attack?" "Look!" "They are already ashore! Don't let them reach the city gates!" "Fire!" "Hmm, I think I'll try the Eidar next." "Have you tried the red wine? I believe it's from Elswyr, of all places." "We're pushing them back!" "Hey, come back, we're not finished!" "That's it?" "I'm coming! I'm coming!" "By the gods!" "I am here." "What is that?" "She's here! Look out!" "Not this time." "Mother!" "By the gods, look!" "Lamae?" "Where is she going?" "Leave her. Her time has come." "Perhaps if we stand very still, she won't notice us," I suggested to Ramara. "Oh, no, she's seen us." "I told you what would happen if you tried to take her from me." "I was rather hoping that was just a figure of speech." "Let them go." "You." "We will end this, right now." "Why? I am not the mistake." "I have the power of Coldharbour in my blood! It is you that should have been cast out and left to die!" "No. You're wrong. I have the same power." "Lamae?" "I must go now." "Well, that situation appears to have resolved itself." "People of Solitude, the city is saved!" "And it's all thanks to our brave warriors." "And Solitude's newest thanes..." "... Ramara, and..." "... Nelfim, I suppose? Although I'm not really sure what you did." "Pretty much nothing." "And now we must celebrate, for it is Saturalia, and the night is still young!" "And there's our cue." 101.mp4 With the Saturalia festivities concluded, Ramara and I went out to the roof of the Blue Palace to watch the sun rise. "Well, I suppose this is the end," I said. "What do you mean?" "Oh, it's the last episode, didn't you hear? The author said something about needing to get back to the 'real world,' whatever that means." "Gosh, that sounds awful." "Yes, I don't envy him." "But what will become of us, Nelfim?" "We will remain here together, of course." "I love you dearly, Ramara. I never want us to be apart." "Oh, Nelfim, you do nauseate me sometimes." "I know, I'm sorry." "Come here." The end!
  10. Previously: Episode 6, Part Three View this entry on my website "Quickly, we must warn the Jarl of the Pale." "By the gods, we're too late." "They'll be heading for Solitude next." "What drives them? Why would pirates attack cities like this?" "These are not ordinary pirates. I fear there are Daedric forces at work here." "We ride hard for Solitude! Do not stop until we have reached the city gates!" "Mine! She's mine!" "Lamae, you're having a nightmare! It's not real!" "This is probably just part of her performance." "I will tear out your heart!" "Move aside!" "Get back! You cannot help her!" "Lamae, can you hear me? You're okay." "Get her inside," said Morsi. "She should not be out here." "Morsi, you know what torments her, don't you?" "Please, I've known her since we were young. You must tell me." "Not here," she said. "Follow me." "Where shall I begin?" "I was born amongst the rugged canyons of Sunforge in central Hammerfell..." "Oh, for gods' sakes, we didn't ask for your life story. We're busy. Skip to the important bits." "Right, sorry. I learned some magic and there were some Daedric goings on and then I was old and lived alone on a remote island near Stros M'Kai. Is that better?" "We shall see. Continue." "A pair of sailors came to me with a stricken infant. I was known to the people of Stros M'Kai, you see, as a healer, of sorts." "I asked them what was wrong with this child, and they told me: it did not cry, it did not wail. Deathly silent, she was, from the moment she was pushed from her mother's womb." "I knew this affliction. The price to remedy it was steep." "'We will pay whatever it costs,' said the father. 'Please, you must do something.'" "I accepted. I had debts, you understand." "Oh no, of course. No judgement from either of us." "I told them to wait outside..." "... while I performed the ritual." "When it was complete, I presented them with their crying, wailing babe. A perfectly ordinary child." "And on their way they went, destined for their new life in the ice fields north of Winterhold..." "... while I was left with the burden of what I had done. For the ritual had left a schism of souls, two bodies, two children: one of Nirn, the other..." "... of Oblivion." "On a beach, amidst a fierce storm in the dead of night I left her, hoping my guilt would be washed away..." "... but my hope was in vain..." "... for the prince of Coldharbour never forgets." "Okay, just to be clear: Lamae's evil soul-twin, whose name is Ziga, if I recall, is heading this way to recapture Ramara and, in her own words, tear my heart out and eat it. Is that all correct?" "Yeah, that's pretty much it." "Right. I'll just be popping down to the cellar. If anyone needs me, I'll be drowning in one of the mead barrels." "Nonsense, Nelfim! We must not give in to fear. Let us go out and face this danger together!" "Yes! We are with you, Ramara!" "Yeah! Let's go kill some pirates!" "Don't look at me, I'm stayin' right here by the fire." We gathered on the rampart overlooking the harbour. "Okay, now what?" said Stenvar. "I don't know. I thought this would be inspiring somehow." "I'm cold." "Look!" "Hello, Danika, Monika and Noora!" "Oh, hey, it's the porn guy." "The city is in grave danger," said Noora. "We are quite aware," said Ramara. "We have archers and catapults." "It won't be enough," said Danika. "Ordinary soldiers won't stand a chance against these pirates. We'll need skilled warriors to lead the defense." "Ah! I have an idea." "Mr. Firebeard, we wish to speak with your housecarl." "Which one? We have many housecarls." "You know, the special one." "Ah, come this way." "I give you Jordis the Sword-Maiden." "Was she in a broom closet?" "Jordis, the city is about to be attacked by bloodthirsty pirates. Can the housecarls help us?" "Yes! I will send out the call." We followed Jordis out into the street. "Housecarls of Skyrim! I call on you in my hour of need!" "Alright, I'm about ready to kill some motherfuckers." "I was beginning to think you'd never ask." "My blade is always ready." "Iona, Lydia, Rayya, Solitude is faced with an onslaught of Daedric-powered pirates. Will you help us defend the city?" "Of course, Jordis, you can count on us," said Rayya. "My men stand ready, Jarl Elisif," said General Tullius to Ramara. "Excellent. Captain Aldis, are the archers and catapults in position?" "Sorry, who are you?" "I think it's time for a speech," I said. "Oh, no, Nelfim, that is a terrible idea. Please don't." "Friends, lovers, housecarls, people I don't like and people I've never met..." "... tonight we face a terrible danger, but I'm quite confident that you will all do a splendid job, because I like my heart where it is, and I'm really not fond of the idea of having it torn from my chest." "So, off you go!" "Step aside, darling, I'll handle this." "Soldiers of Solitude, proud warriors of Skyrim, tomorrow, we will rise to greet a beautiful new day." "Tomorrow, we will feast and drink until we're sick!" "Tomorrow, we will make obscene works of art and fuck whoever we bloody well please, and damn the consequences!" "Tomorrow, we will do all of this, because tonight, we will fight!" "Tonight, we will drench our shores with the blood of any who dare attack this great city!" "Tonight, we will be victorious!" "To the docks!" "Right, that did the trick." "Just to clear, when you said 'we' will fight..?" "Oh no, I meant them. We're staying right here." "Ah, good." "Ready?" "Ready." "Then let them come." To be concluded!
  11. Difficult to say without more info sorry. You'll only see the morphs on characters you haven't met yet in your current save. Installing on a new save is best
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