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  1. Or better yet, if someone could make some bodygen presets designed to work with CBBE 3BBB instead of CBBE SMP (the ousnius CPU-frying one) that would really help the CBBE 3BBB people? Or presets that favour smaller boobs, that would help the people who prefer smaller boobs? I'm not either of those unfortunately.
  2. Yes just edit morphs.ini which is in Meshes\actors\character\BodyGenData\Skyrim.esm and remove everything from the All|Female section
  3. "skyrim director + animated photoshopping" haha yes that's it exactly. Pose adjuster, bat files, blender, davinci resolve and lots of patience.
  4. It works with the original CBBE or CBBE SMP by ousnius if you have all the requisite mods correctly installed. I don't use CBBE 3BBB so can't guarantee it will work with that.
  5. Kind of - painting meshes are from a mod called BB's art supplies I think, just replaced the painting texture with solid green, made it easier to get a clean matte cutout to insert the effects. I did this in a couple of scenes for ep 4 too.
  6. For anyone who cares about this kind of stuff, here are some shots that didn't make the cut for episode 6, plus some "BTS" type shots I grabbed along the way. Failed attempt at using complex particle light. Better. Levitating house. More levitating house. Bad eye-line. More bad eye-line. And more bad eye-line. Bad lighting. B
  7. You would need a clothing replacer that has uniboob meshes. Bodygen doesn't do that as far as I know
  8. So that's it for Nelfim and Ramara (for now?) Thanks for all the kind comments and messages. As usual with my projects this became much bigger than it should have been, but it was a lot of fun to make and I learned quite a bit along the way. I'll probably be back later in the year with more (thinking Danika and Monika spin-off series?) and I'm also developing my own original animated series. Oh and I'll post some "behind the scenes" shots soon for people who are interested in that sort of thing.
  9. Previously: Episode 6, Part Four View this entry on my website. "I'm coming for you! I am coming for you!" "She won't snap out of it. You must do something, Morsi." "There is nothing we can do for her now. You may pray to the gods for her salvation. I am beyond their reach." As night fell, a blinding fog enveloped the city. "This should be interesting." "Steady, now." "What are they waiting for? Why won't they attack?" "Look!"
  10. Previously: Episode 6, Part Three View this entry on my website "Quickly, we must warn the Jarl of the Pale." "By the gods, we're too late." "They'll be heading for Solitude next." "What drives them? Why would pirates attack cities like this?" "These are not ordinary pirates. I fear there are Daedric forces at work here." "We ride hard for Solitude! Do not stop until we have reached the city gates!" "Mine! She's mine!" "Lamae, you're having a nightmare! It's not r
  11. Difficult to say without more info sorry. You'll only see the morphs on characters you haven't met yet in your current save. Installing on a new save is best
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