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  1. But there is a Option for diable the Heels for the animtions. Why it isn´t fine if I activate this one?
  2. Hello, I would like to use Sex Lab. Seriously the mod has a lot of support and is a must have. Unfortunately, the animations look, let's say grotesque, in anal sex, for example, fuck you in the knee gets a whole new meaning. This problem seems to have other users but not. Therefore, my question to you: What mods do you have so that the animations run flawlessly?
  3. Okay I only want to give my Charakter Horns, Wings and a Tail when she transformed. Where I have to put in these files?
  4. Hey! The Link too Devicious Devices doesn´t work and I couldn´t find an other in the WWW
  5. Yeah I look for that but I only can choose the erection
  6. Okay I cant find the option in MCM where you could choose the length of you schlong, sry if my Englisch is bad
  7. Thx I will look at it when I use it again but I think its point one and four
  8. Sry but I not using Sl at the moment so I can´t. I want to use it in near future when I can fix these problem
  9. Forgot what I say. It doesn´t work. The most Animations are clear but the bj animations...Sometimes she dont open her mouth and sometime she gives blowjobs with her chin
  10. Is there a way to make it unseeable? It doesn´t look good on my char
  11. I have a short Question, how I can Import Amor for the Succubus Form?
  12. I dont know what it was but now everything works clear, thx you
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