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  1. hello huan, how are you? How is your health? We look forward to the male player. Is there an update?
  2. Still having the same problem. the orgy option does not appear and some text appears gray in my mcm. I used "Quick Start - Skip The Opening Sequence" mode before starting the new game: (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3325/) The "unbound" task does not appear in the completed missions section. Could it be due to this? I've mixed the Dragon Rising and Heart of Dibella missions with the trick. I can't go back now. I am locked. Please remove the duty requirement for this orgy option? Or can you fix it?? I've been dealing with this for a very long time.
  3. Thanks for this mod.. When I ask if you want to have sex with my follower, they say yes but nothing happens.
  4. Hi i want a change my followers skin tone. My follower is Toccata. I use cbbe. How can i change follower's skin tone? Thanks
  5. Thank you so much. I'm thinking of supporting you through patreon. Does this take too long? I can't wait.
  6. Hey, really good mod. Thank you. Can you make this mod for male players? Please do it, please...
  7. Are there any netorare mods? Or new cuckold mods? Or can you make a new mod like this? For example, cheating wives, spouses caught and apologizing, punishment system, spouses pleading for forgiveness. We can see our spouse(wife) with someone else and start a dialogue(angry roleplay, angry dialogue etc) , we can share our spouse with someone else. for example our wife "won't you be jealous of me?" will ask questions like. Or spouses who were unintentionally raped. (with dialogues and roles). Duties of rescuing our raped spouse can also be a follower. (I made my wife my follower) Too many peop
  8. Thanks a lot, great mod. Is there a cheating? My wife gets pregnant with someone else and I get angry with her. He tries to forgive me. Such dialogues can be added. Or other things related to cheating can be added. Thanks again :))
  9. Thank you for this awesome mod. Can you add some more improvements to the mod ?
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