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  1. @invictusblade okay just tried the new version with that other file scripts. okay getting messages. seeing leakage effects thats cool. wasnt getting the pregant messages but they are getting pregnant have looked at them and they are. am not sure what is there an option to keep them naked after sex for a longer duration to enjoy there inflation as it seems they put there clothes on almost instant now. would love to see them naked longer like a minute or 2 another thought you could have a kinda sound bell if they are pregnant. that goes off or if ever you look at them and they are p
  2. @invitusblade omg these responses you have typed is so epic i am like wow wow wow what a legend your the best. when can i test it so amazing
  3. @sexybastardo i have this new version installed only. and when i inflate my females there boobs do increase in size for a while and there belly as well, i am using the new awesome fusion girl body with 2 awesome docking ports (hint) vag set at 100 all other scales at zero build with morph ticked. if you wanna see something cool. play with the penetration sliders to see what im on about but dont build with those unless all at zero. just to see what will happen
  4. @Invictusblade i want to help and support as much as i can to make this the best pregnation and awesome responses from receivers and lol injectors. havnt even started on the creatures yet lol
  5. @Invictusblade some responses to help. female player if pregnant from dogmeat and or other ideas oh dogmeat lets breed some puppies again im leaking my pussy is so full from that last hot load its nice to get some real dogmeat in me not sure if you can get wording for blowjob animations oh yeah baby swallow my liquid love gulp it down princess i have plenty more in my balls
  6. also discovered this new special fusion girl body all i can say is wow. set vagina to 1 max 100. must be built as zero everything else. and she will have now a variable opening anus and vagina completely amazing.
  7. @Invictusblade wow these new changes are amazing. can hardly wait to add the newer version. oh yes please to the actor responses. cait curie piper and ivy. if you need more text suggestions and wording please i want to help. this is so epic man
  8. totally love this amazing body, i tried some of the outfits and they all seem to be static do you know of any that move like dress etc
  9. okay i tried it was only blowjob she didnt have any inflation at all but she became pregant instantly. i have it set for 100 chance etc. so i better tick that back on
  10. is there a cuminflation for oral sex. would be wicked to be given a blowjob and the female npc says ahhh thats so tasty and my belly is full please sir can i have more
  11. wow this is truly becoming the best mod ever. being able to discuss ideas and wording, some of the wording suggestions. mmm i can feel all that hot jizz inside of me. oh wow im leaking from my pussy and can feel it running down the inside of my thigh. how much more cum can i pump into her after this hot load. definately yes to being able to cuminflate pregnant females.
  12. in your screen shot you should have new scene there not companion browser. press del key can go through the others i think admin and new scene.it should also show actors names. select with arrow keys. page down i think is to lock then right arrow to scan then choice of animations. sorry if this is what you have already tried
  13. the cum inflation and pregnancy is working. i have installed that mod where you make your own synths. its so cool, i have 22 noras and am filling them up. i set inflation power to max and longest time and it works brilliantly. set max chance 100 max fertility all good. the only thing oi think is these synths dont come up with the blah blah is pregnant just an ok button. i had an idea maybe a pair of glasses that you wear and you can see the glowing red females if they are pregnant. or anotrher idea is like a love anklet. you make them wear it and it will change colour if they are fertil
  14. i had an awesome idea. a power armor suit thats special for females to wear it has an obvious slong in it and breast suckers inside. you hop in naked and it will milk you like on off you get like some horny audio that plays and you get turned on when it happens. you could even have it that you transfer empty milk bottles into its storage hop in and it will slowly milk and pleasure you. also the slong can be used to pump you with semen that you place in the transfer storage. it would be so frigging awesome to walk around as a naked female in this special sex armor that does all kinds of pleasu
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