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  1. I am really close to getting this to work. From the screenshots, I need to know if I am choosing the correct option when I use the batch build. Using the first two images showing my choices in bodyslide, I have physics with collision but the hands still go inside the boobs not fully on the outside of the boobs. When I choose the batch build for the clothes, I lose all physics. Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. I unchecked FloppySOS.esp and this error went away. I have no idea what I'm doing.
  3. I am still having issues. Wasn't sure how to upload a video so I made a page on my site and posting a link to it. http://miscprojects.net/hdt-physics-test/ This is a new install "again". If I use bodyslide, it fixes the boob bounce. But when I use body slide it no longer has collisions when the hands touch. The attached photo are the options I am choosing in bodyslide. Am I supposed to be choosing something different to keep the collisions? I really want to get it working. Thank you
  4. Sir ma Ri - I want mine to work like yours. Currently mine is like your 1st one where the hands go through the outfit. I changed my load order to me like yours but my HDTPhysics does not have the 13+ that shows in your screenshot. Not sure what HDT Physics you have with the 13+ showing. When my person or other characters move, they have bounce and jiggle but the hands go straight through the clothes and the boobs do not move when the hands touch them. Thank you
  5. I do not have KS Hairdo's installed. I did a new install this morning trying to get things right. Forgot to mention, I am playing Skyrim LE not SE. I got to changing things in bodyslide. I am unsure which body to choose to get proper physics. So far they all bounce and jiggle when I run, jump etc. with no unusual bounce like before however, the only one I can get the boobs to move when she touches them is CBBE Max Realclone SMP conversion. And then I get the weird bouncing boobs again. I am going through each one in bodyslide at the moment but would love to know which outfit/bo
  6. is the git page used anymore? https://git.loverslab.com/ I've been patiently trying to access it for a long time in hopes to access sexlab documentation. Thanks
  7. Hi - I just did a clean install of Skyrim LE and then started with this mod first to get my characters the right bounce before doing anything else. My characters boobs won't stop bouncing when they are naked and when I put normal town clothes on they do not move at all. Would appreciate some help. Thank you Now that I know it wasn't anything else, I did start adding the immersive wenches mods.
  8. Hi - I finally have it where the boobs and collisions are working however, my boobs just bounce non-stop. I would appreciate help figuring this out. Thanks
  9. I'm pretty excited. I got my first sex scene to work with sexlab and zaz 8.0 - It's a bit buggy but I'll work that out. Still would love to find a zaz specific guide or tutorial. Thanks
  10. It's clunky but I got my first animation to work. Thanks to everyone who helped me.
  11. My last comment was sharing I got it to work in LE. Before I could move forward to try with SE I had to document what I did prior. I hope this is ok to put here. I have a blog where I post my own notes. I know this is a SE thread but here is what I did to get it working with LE if anyone is interested. It's not 100% polished but it works. I will add more detail and screenshots later. http://miscprojects.net/2020/12/30/configure-skyrim-le-for-sexlab-framework-development-using-mo2/ I am tired. I will try getting it to work with SE later.
  12. I reinstalled everything. This time I worked with LE since it seems that works easier from peoples statements. I got the SexLabFramework property SexLab auto to compile with no errors. I will work with this a bit and then try everything I did on SE.
  13. Yes that was a typo, sorry. Trying to copy things back and forth. Will give an update in a few. Appreciate all the help.
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