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  1. I keep getting busy at work but I'm heading in this game this week. Fingers crossed!! I'll keep in touch. 🔮
  2. Hi T! Well I'm playing it again and will haunt this thread! ❤️
  3. This has been the most interesting thing I've read all week! Kudos!
  4. Hey T, are you back to supporting this mod? I'm playing again and I noticed you had many uploads. I hope you're still around!
  5. Sounds good, I'll be testing tomorrow!
  6. Hey T, if we've been using the files from the 2nd post, should we update with your newest files from the download page?
  7. Ah OK!! Thank you!! I meant to turn off the teammate so that was it. Well I'll have some more fun with this tomorrow!
  8. Oh good thank you!! I've enjoyed the mod so much, T. At first I didn't think I'd ever part with my companion but I'm having so much fun just traveling around with them, walking slow and messing around with them. What really shocked me is out of the blue, Harkness proposed and is my spouse! But when I use LOVE on him, he calls me a creep! help! lol edit, I don't know what you mean to hotkey it. I entered the code and instead of 2 I entered 99 but he's still there every time I go through doors or teleport.
  9. T, I read the docs but I need to have the code to stop them from following me when I try to dismiss them as a companion. I can dismiss then but they sill follow me teleporting or going in and out of doors. What do I type in to stop this code from working on them: nx_setevfl "soi:pkg;default" 2
  10. OH!!! I'll go have a look, thank you so much T!
  11. Can I please have the report code again? I might have copied it wrong.
  12. Ok, thank you T! I never use ignore, I'll use it more often! What I want to know now is how do I remove them as a follower? and that code you have to get a report does not work. How do I get a report on them?
  13. I was going to post this today also. I've had 2 situations with this problem. I was with Doc Hoff and we kept looking for a private place but his Brahman followed us and there was no way I could get out of the loop. I teleported to the SuperMart and Hof And the Brahmin teleported with me. Every time I clicked on Hoff I kept getting the HERE? prompt. Then I was with Scrambler but Moriarty was activated. Scrambler wanted to go someplace private and we did but Moriarty followed and he proceeded to want to party but I could not get rid of him. There is no dialogue to tell someone to leave or NO. And the End prompt does not seem to work, I kept pressing that to try to end Moriarty and Doc Hoff but in either case it didn't work. Also do I have to include the faction? With Scrambler and my Boomer, there was select the one and then the faction. I did and it's a pain, all the factions wants to talk to me, I only wanted just Scrambler and just my Boomer. Will it work if I don't select their faction? Same goes in the mod settings. You get enable all, enable named and enable unnamed. What do I pick if I only want to enable one NPC at a time? I've found it works best with just one on one and I want to play it that way. I'll have more reporting today or tomorrow as I'll be playing it today and will let you know . I will download the file from the 2nd post now.
  14. Here's a real blast from the past, this was posted May 24, 2015! Been awhile! You'll laugh at how old this version is!
  15. her body? I have it set to Type 6M but It's a BnB combo of stuff along with COTW. lol Well I gotta say, it's working great and thank you so very much! Scrambler fucked me 2 consecutive times on his own and didn't try to run away. I will need to use this setting on Lt Hayes, Billy Creel, Paladin Bael and of course Scrambler. Oh and that Boomer guard with the missle launcher! I just can't find the old boomer slooty outfit I used to use. Was a very long time ago. Which is so wonderful I am able to play TTW the way I used to and with your help, T! ?
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