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  1. Thank you, I think you are correct. I noticed after I adjusted them I did have 4 options.
  2. I am loving the newest version but I have a question. Are there only supposed to be 2 dialogue choices instead of 4 like before? Maybe it was 3 I forget now. There are only 2 choices now.
  3. Glad to see you're still around and updating, twistedtrebela!
  4. LadyM

    Four Play Sex Em Up

    Thank you merctime. You might also want to check out the RSE mod, it has survival and brothels. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/87993-rse-realistic-salacious-encounters/ Enjoy your game!
  5. You can marry more than one, just bring them one at a time. I marry Danse, Gage and Hancock. I want to marry Savoy but can’t because he’s not a vanilla companion.
  6. @Chosen Clueis there anyway you might wrap up The Father quest before you go? There is a marriage mod here https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21932 But it only works with regular companions, not mods but maybe you could do a patch with it? As for having a relationship with no marriage we could craft a ring. Even if you could rewrite the single mom reply to something more friendly about raising the child alone. Or even just make the links go somewhere to get out of the menu. The way it is not, selecting Single Mom is the only way to get out of the menu, even if the other choices don't work, we could click on them to get out of the menu anyway. Just a finishing touch on the end of the mod would be lovely! I have enjoyed this mod so very much, thank you.
  7. LadyM

    Four Play Sex Em Up

    @Agnot2014 I’ve finally got a great setup with these mods if you want to keep SEU. I’m using the FPEnhanced, Autonomy Enhanced, SEU, FP Sexual Harassment and Magno Cum Gaudio. These mods have been playing really well together!! When I started out sexing up my game, I went through Vinfamy’s mods but they caused problems. I’ve been testing this new combination for a few days and it’s been really fun! There is a lot to MCG I’m still finding! And sexual Harassment has the nudity I love to play with.
  8. LadyM

    Four Play Sex Em Up

    You will be sorely missed Chosen Clue. It's been a real pleasure submitting my Papyrus logs to you. Thank you for all you have contributed to making my game the best it has ever been. Take care and have fun playing!
  9. LadyM

    Four Play Sex Em Up

    I second that!
  10. LadyM

    Four Play Sex Em Up

    LOL I didn't notice! I had some sticky locations with the SEU Flirt option, it wouldn't trigger but I was wondering if they are leaning on something or doing an action, will it trigger? It used to but I had trouble with it today. The surrender works fine also. I've really enjoyed having the extra options!
  11. I've been hearing about Vortex but I'm in the process of getting mod organizer going for TTW. Been a very long time I've played FNV and am taking it slow. But I do have my eye on Vortex. Today my game has been running beautifully and I don't want to mess it up! I have been using the new way to start with the loader and again, thanks everyone for helping me!
  12. Oh wow! It worked great just now! Thank you so much for this mod! I hope you stop by to keep it updated, it's a simple great mod.
  13. Sorry you're leaving this mod. I had hopes it might work but I was unable to get any harassers either.
  14. LadyM

    Four Play Sex Em Up

    I'm on it! Will keep testing!