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  1. That one worked, thanks!
  2. Link doesn't work for me...
  3. Can someon provide a *working* link to the Sexiles Discord then? All the ones I found on the other threads in this forum are broken.
  4. Thanks for your help! I simply updated from that cmar nude in cas to the actual Anatomy Mod and now have it beautifully working together with my other mods, including Heavy Boobs. Best regards and may you have a fine day!
  5. If that is the case, why am I unable to unequip a sim's panties in the outfit menu without the 'Nude in CAS Mod'? Neither this Mod, nor WickedWhims or TIT-E seem to include that function.
  6. If I install Heavy Boobs at the same time as Cmar's 'Nude in CAS Mod' (http://www.sexysims.info/download.php?t=174696), the nipples become flat, as if the mesh has been overridden. I do not understand why this si the case, since the 'Nude in CAS Mod' works perfectly fine with Luumia's TIT-E Default Replacer (http://luumiasims.com/post/152404590469/body-redux3-new-body-replacements-to-improve-your).
  7. Is there a way to disable the WickedWhims welcome messages I get everytime I start the game?
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