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  1. It's by design. Which is why there is a option to turn off hardship mode (which hijacks dialogue) so lower priority dialogue is let through. Search MCM / Hardship for Beggar/Whore (BW) mode toggle. There's a hotel in goodneighbor PC can work in but they still have to invite NPCs in. Most of content in Hardship requires player to take initiative.
  2. According to wikipedia, so having them in Commonwealth is not too far off, imho. Anyway this is hardly a hill to die on.
  3. Unfortunatly FMIN vaccine won't help us here. NPC have this form field which essentially acts as a multipler applied to facials morphs scale. Looks like this value is overridden temporarely when preset is applied but when this actor loads it's 3D (after gameload, fast travel etc), engine sees that FMIN on npc form which is then applied and it breaks presets by multiplying it's values. I have no clue why Beth needed to use another scaler instead of widening scale of existing morphs but our issue here is that every morph is removed (which then will default to first ones on li
  4. And it still holds as this method is simply bruteforcing stuff by combining face textures with facial textures into single texture set (head_d, head_n) which override base face textures. Therefore if you want to use this with other face base textures then this won't give pleasant results. But there was automation as doing this for 10 facials + 1 bruise for 10 base textures resulted in 210 texture files. Also there can only be one skin override so doing 'modded face tattoo' and facial would require authors to provide all possible combinations. Which doesn't scale at all. Because skin
  5. What about AAF narrations [ https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/aaf-framework/wiki/XML/narration ] which looks to work like Skyrim's Apropos? Called with AAF_API.NarrationMessage(identifier) where identifier can be narration_id or simply a string.
  6. Take a look at CA_PossibleMurderScript.psc and related CA_PossibleMurder quest (+ CA_PossibleMurder_QuestNode [SMQN:00239BE4] Story Manager Quest Node) for your player murder needs. Edit: as for rape, I'd assume you could increment 'assaults' stat with Game.IncrementStat("Assaults") and send assaultEvent from victim with victimNPC.SendAssaultAlarm() if you want them to react/go into alert/combat state.
  7. That function get's all RH restraints as array and calls unequip for each restraint. There's a new function api function in RH v8 which can get all restraints filtered by it's effect, notably 'HandsBoundBehindBack' for handcuffs. Assumptions: RH only uses hand restraints which bind subjects hands behind their backs. Edit: there's a utitlity function for that loop. Function RemoveHandcuffs(Actor akActor) If (Game.IsPluginInstalled("RealHandcuffs.esp")) Quest RHQuest = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x00000F99, "RealHandcuffs.esp") as Quest ScriptObject RHScri
  8. Could you move this into button triggered messagebox in MCM instead of mod init? Reason being that if some alternative start mod (for example Synthetic Player) applies a white screen fade at start, one cant see what they are selecting at all.
  9. Request: usage of chems and/or booze may provide temporary relief on these effects. If you end up doing a skill/perk system, then this could be gated behind a perk where chems/booze removes negative effects for a while but increases trauma gained when not using any. Or something like that. Tie it into a messagebox selection such as hesitant reply to a suggestion? Or it could only be in effect if character attribute is set to prude? Milestones could just be a selection of perks when number of johns and rapists goes above those thresholds you u
  10. @Tentacus During AAF scenes, player actor is made 'ghost' while AAF is locking actors. Player character is just invisible and (IIRC) not receiving hits/rads/damage/possible also any kind of magic effects. You -could- unset ghost flag for playerRef before equipping your potions. I once had a ghost flag stuck on player and wondered why none of chems do anything. Downside to fucking with ghost flag is that player would receive damage while in scene for duration of this editing.
  11. Yeah, I regretfully agree. I just hope it would act as a hint to atleast prompt some to figure it out on their own. I did pm a code snippet to T which checks that real handcuffs plugin is activated and loaded before hardship. Only other way I think of would be to enforce plugin requirements during fomod installation. Although, same problem, different methods. I'm just surprised F4 doesn't crash in face of missing hard dependancies, like skyrim does.
  12. You could add RealHandcuffs.esp to MCM requirements so MCM shows a 'error' message ingame about missing plugin. { "modName": "HARDSHIP", "displayName": "HARDSHIP", "minMcmVersion": 2, "pluginRequirements": [ "RealHandcuffs.esp", "Beggar_Whore.esp" ], "content": [ { "text": "",
  13. Eeh, works for me just like they always have. Dogs reset between different animations but it's unavoidable. Tbh I'd prefer if animators would merge stages into one single long animation for races having issues with switching ( such as robots ) but time for that has passed. As for why BoS underarmor is equipped during scenes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ works on my machine. Perhaps your follower mod has a timer or event hander that force equips some underwear. See if BoS underarmor is your followers default outfit.
  14. Yeah. I set delay to -1 in order to minimize time it takes to run tests 😛. Used to be ~5. Still saw same behavior after reverting to reEquip bipedSlot nodes. Event triggers in-game (as items are equipped even when they shouldn't be) and based on code in AAF::Controller::EquipmentController::ApplyEquipmentSet there would still be re-equip event regardless of reequip_delay value. Unless I missed something. In that case then comment in .ini would need some clarification. I wonder if EquipmentController::ResetAll or it's caller could iterate
  15. No. Item removal is done well before any call to startScene, with utility.waits spinkled between. All of this happens inside same function block. This also occurs when items are dropped manually before initializing scenes from gui or content mods. Using reEquip bipedSlot=.. instead of resetAll results in same behavior. Both AAF_PlayerEquipment and activeEquipmentStorage accurately reflect what PC had equiped before second scene started. No dice, it is still an issue starting with new fresh vanilla save from vault 111 exterior. Atleast scenes playing positions with no s
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