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  1. There is a lack of Naruto followers in this game in my personal opinion. It would be nice if anyone could make (mainly the female) followers from Naruto Shippuden such as: Tsunade, Sakura, Hinata, Kushina, Mei, Anko, Ino, Pakura, Konan, Temari, Mabui, Kurenai, Kaguya etc. Some male characters would be good too like Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Madara, Obito, etc. I know Jinxxed has made a Hinata follower but in my opinion the skin isn't good and in general she doesn't look nice. Not bashing him or anything of course I know this is not easy to make followers, much less make them look as c
  2. Schlongs for female monsters? If not will it be implemented ever?
  3. Is this compatible for SE coz somehow this mod Estrus Chaurus Spider addon is but this one isn't? If not will it ever be made compatible for SE? I'd like to have this mod so I could have it with spiders as I have a spider replacer mod with spider girls.
  4. Is there animal schlongs for female creatures and monsters (flame atronach, giantess, etc?)
  5. Can we update the mod mid-game and mid-quest? Or should I finish the quest first? Also I see you say the mod is finished, so I assume there is no chance you'll add Serana or other characters? Lisette and Vittoria Vici in Solitude? These are just requests ofc no pressure if you want to consider the mod done that's fine I'm just asking if the mod is finished 100% other than the grammar fixes :).
  6. I am of a mind with @sakistousias15 could you please inform us if it's on SSE and if not will it be ported?
  7. If you see the previous threads you'll see this mod works for Skyrim SE.
  8. Hey I think I know what's causing the facegen data problem for me it is probably this mod I have installed: Botox for Skyrim https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20967
  9. I have everything installed but creature animations don't work for me coz I have Nemesis (like npcs and my character is animated but not the monsters and creatures) and I know there is a fix I'm just not sure how to proceed as Nemesis doesn't have a creature patch. What can I do?
  10. "You can download it as single file from the mirror" I don't understand that part what is mirror and where can I find that? I wanna download the mod as a whole.
  11. I ask yet again, is there any way to change all NPCs to female without changing the player character gender?
  12. Hey will your Tsunade follower mod work for SSE? You're the only one I have found to make good Naruto follower mods. I'd love Sakura as well if possible but that's another thing.

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