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  1. ofc partial release lol as tr_veller says, just dont let bug fixing drag you too far away from developping storyline
  2. on a side note, situation i ran into yesterday: more devious start -> medium locked(normal start) -> do you like challenge? nah -> equipped me with black ebonite straightjacket (Open) -> had unforgiving device dd 5.1 patch -> straitjacket difficulty: very hard game over *shrug* more devious start probably needs a tweak so this doesnt happen
  3. suggestions for future updates: HP bar of device/hotkey to display device HP MCM toggle for device healing/turn on plug a difficulty slider for various difficulties? (eg. how much device health decrease per time period/per crit) id personally like the "easy" ones to be harder and "very hard" ones to be easier, so a slider so i can customize would be best
  4. struggling out of armbinder killed me when my setting is like this anyone else have the same issue? new save for v1.2
  5. everything else works fine, every other MCM menu works fine do you mean papy log or is there another papy script that im not aware of? if papy log, what do i do the generate the log that might contain info? launch game, open mcm, click the finisher set that is missing options for me, then quit game?
  6. is it a vanilla quest? if not how do i unlock the quest you mentioned?
  7. yes, regular dialogue, plus something along the line of "the curse can be slowed with some ancient/complicated magic". the dialogue can be repeated many times and choosing the dialogue doesnt give me any quest
  8. started a new save from scratch, went through the starting process again. after transformation is complete and i went to danica, i got stuck there. she didnt have the dialogue option that leads to anything like "What is troubling you?" how do you get the NPC to visit you to guild you to danica? visit a random city? sleep? wait certain hours?
  9. fixed it for me. now error message appears on top left when something tries to equip, even though it still equip despite the error message papy log shows seems to be the same order as stuff being equipped also one thing i noticed. isnt bodyslide supposed to be under calientetools folder? well, i was able to build the armour in bodyslide no problem so i dont know if this would make any difference. then i found out your bodyslide output setting was to but unzipped path from mod is
  10. [03/29/2021 - 05:41:12PM] SSpriggans: GrowEffect DD conflicting quest/special device found. Device keyword: zad_DeviousBelt
  11. for me ooze suit still had a little bit of clipping after update opening it up in outfit studio, rightclick "body" -> copy bone weight -> mask weighted vertex -> move that single vertex lower -> copy bone weight again -> save rebuilding bodyslide with this completely fixed the clipping for me **** interview fallback mechanism on misa doesnt work if i enter the facility by telling gatekeeper im inspector i want to start my interview -> you had one already remember? -> at the entrance, with the guard -> dialogue ended -> hi again
  12. bugs 2. would be nice to have something like *misa avoided your eye contact for a brief moment* 3. facepalm.... i think i forgot to pick up the signed form on desk before talking to ellen. (maybe have it automatically added to inventory after signing, like the visitor form) not sures 2. ok i got it after trying for another 5 minutes or so. i can only access it when it's exactly half covered by the desk..... one step back to reveal 75% of the button and cant activate, one step forward same thing. it's just very hard to access. but it's supposed to
  13. i'd say it's at a point where very few significant bug exist anymore (for LE/UNP at least) what's left are details not cleaned up at most 0.741/0.75(?) then it's about time to leave 0.7x as is and turn toward 0.80............
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