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  1. not for or against these as long as they stay optional and not become a requirement for this mod
  2. by this are you talking about rubber facility with prime66/racoon or are you working on another mod?
  3. an idea what about a version that changes player's hair style to a ponytail what it would look like if you put hair through hood opening hole at the back
  4. notification very hard to click on phone i did get to it by zooming page very big, but it was unnecessarily hard
  5. a few reports, most carried over from beta1 the first binding given by the rope master is still described as "cuffs" with "unlock" instead of "untie", and "chains and padlocks" and "restraints key" just made sure i bodyslide everything with "rope" in its name and the black palm bug on "tight rope bindings" is still there whips and chain inn, "extreme bondage dress" (the one from the minigame from tamara in the corner) is missing mouth animation mouth doesnt open after equipping the dress with a ballgag laura the locksmith
  6. (related but slightly off topic, feel free to ignore) i recall seeing a conversation either in DD beta thread or DD5 thread, about the DD escape system about "player" escaping device vs "character" escaping device about how much player involvment is too much, and whether the escape should be RNG-based(influenced by character skill level) or player skill-based what's your take on this question? just for curiosity's sake
  7. if you dont plan on assigning too much task to the test subject, i would personally like to see the suit have integrated ball mittens also maybe swap the location of the bio sign and the QR code, and replace the bio sign with one of these but that's just my weeb part kicking in , dont know how many people would want that
  8. iirc cursed loot wont trigger inside player homes,so if the whole facility can be labelled player home no dcl event would trigger in there
  9. it is the newest version i'll reinstall and see what happens edit re-installed i checked CK, everything lines up perfectly, DDP_MaidDressLatexPink_Inventory's zadx_HobbleSkirtScript points to DDP_MaidDressLatexPink_Rendered(09047DC8) for deviceRendered, DDP_MaidDressLatexPink_Rendered has DDP_MaidDressLatex_PinkAA for model, and if i click select biped model, it does display the one without texture on the back yet if i go into game and AIM the Pink Ebonite maids dress boom texture is there again
  10. well, guess i need to double check next time, after going back to the shop i realized this is probably "plan to be on sale but not yet" item............ i obtained it through AIM and didnt check back in shop. anyways it's not the quest item for maid task, it can be unlocked with simple skeleton key, it's just it has elvira's name on it while "i thought" it's for selling to other people
  11. about "pink ebonite maid dress" in elvira's shop it's somehow bugged and cannot be manipulated when putting on and, did she accidentally put up the wrong dress for sale? =P
  12. wait that was farmthat's idea? from the design of the building, i always thought the original story was supposed to be something along the line of: pull lever -> sent on belt -> fall into pool -> found door locked -> water start rising -> use rubber masks on the wall to not drawn -> smell something weird through the hose -> pass out -> wake up as a test subject/wake up as a doll/wake up as a patient more of "the trap" than "the accident" also small thing about the conveyer belt, can you script a small movement for player to turn and face the w
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