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  1. I imagined that some furnitures would already have npc's in them, making it more interesting, but it doesn't happen, all furnitures are empty. I don't know of any other mod that interacts with the furnitures (like the player being in one of these furnitures, and seeing someone and spanking or whipping them). The only mod that i know is such an "interactive bdsm", and the only animation that have is a kisses, that is, there is nothing else. Would you like to put NPCs in some furnitures, to be more immersive? I thought it was really cool, whiterun was very beautiful, with
  2. I found this: and this: I understood that only works against dead female body's ? I so sorry... i am o little lazy.... have how to do a video or something? Have a skill or magic to use ? Thanks a Lot. Moacir Jr.
  3. Are the kids? Then is this. I have a mod that i remove all kids from cities... I never suposed that 1 mod like this used kids as vendors... lol... but ok.... I read, but then I am not understand.. I will try to read again...
  4. Nops.... none... the place indicated have nothing... But but ok. I am added the knifes using console commands. Using knife against npc's alives, works, meat, legs and hand in all place. But against dead npc's, do nothing. Thanks a lot again.
  5. Hello, I cant find the merchant... I searched in each hole in the castle and nothing... have a time or event to she/he shows up? Thanks a lot Moacir Jr.
  6. Any idea if have how to disable only the German voices, letting the mod muted? Thanks a Lot. Moacir Jr.
  7. Thanks, but I not use any of this mods.... Actually, the mod is working like a charm again. I think was in the beginning. low levels submission. But, thanks a lot.
  8. Hello, Sorry for my English. Sorry for this question, can be ridiculous, but how I start this ? Only go to temple ? Have a book or something? Thanks a Lot. Moacir Jr.
  9. Hello, Sorry for my English. This mod is awesome. I played the harmonious "submissive Lola SE" (ported from LE), and are awesome, but have few options and with some little bugs, but I liked so much. This mod is wonderful. I play in SE, and work like a charm. Without any CTD or error. But is only a thing happening: When I ask to mistress "what does she want me to do?" (i do not remember the dialog), My char go to kneel (OK), she say "maybe" (OK), then she order to My char stand up, And then she orders me nothing. When I change cell (like enter in
  10. Hello, I do not know if this are here, but i do not founded. Some slaves, are only showing head, feet and hands, the body vanished. I am forgot some mod of texture or something? Thanks a Lot Moacir Jr.
  11. Solved the problem. I used one program, Utility RESAVE from link below, to adjust the save. I used the options "clean -> remove unatached instances" and "clean -> remove undefined elements". Solved this problem and a lot another minor problems. I strongly recommend: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5031?tab=description Att, Moacir Jr.
  12. I did one SQO command in the console with SLV_mainquest, and have stages for slaving cities... Thanks for help, and now I understood better... thanks... PS: I am only see the stages lists with SQO. its not my intention use setstage to force... i am like so much this mod... some bugs, but all solving with few steps.... thanks...
  13. Hello, All working fine. But a question: My PC is a slavery... I slaved only riverwood and falkreath. 16 days, in game, and nothing for any more cities to be enslaved... What is the logic or what is the conditions or time to a new city being enslaved ?
  14. Hello, The question. How to disable German voices? I think it's better not to hear this, just read, rssssss Thanks a lot Moacir Jr.
  15. I tried, but still broken... but ok... thanks a lot. I will try with a new save, or anything else... thanks a lot for the help....
  16. I understood now... and thanks a lot for explanation. I will try to do a reset and save load, and see if it work. Again, thanks a lot Moacir Jr.
  17. Please, The developer... Sorry for ask, again and again and again... Please, sorry. "My mod worked very well, but i had need to uninstall and install again, then now i have the same error, whenever i load up the mod i get this message: "MilkModEconomy MilkPoll interval is 0, mod is broken, have a nice day!"." I cant understand, WHY this is so dificult to fix. In the start, if this variable is 0, milkpoll. put to 1. I am developer, I understand the dificults. But its a variable. I do not know if this variable is in the file saved, but I removed all milkmod, s
  18. I Solved. I see in some site, to delete the files DW_Status.pex and DW_Status_Player_Alias.pex. That solved the error and the Mod are Working very well. But I do not know if anything stop work, but the mod is doing this function's very well. Thanks a Lot. Moacir Jr.
  19. Aroused of my PC or NPC (any) is not decreasing. I see many reply's in this to´pic, but none helped. I am use SLSO. Used LOOT to put in order the mods. All working fine, but the Sexlab Aroused not. In the image, more than 4 days without orgasm for my PC... WTF ????? The NPC D is going to 0 after orgasm, but player not. And the exposure, is not decreasing too... Any Tip to fix? I am using gender female, the char is female, in sexlab options is female, and i am using the right gender. PS: How reset the mod?
  20. Anyone know how to fix this. PLEASE?????????????????????
  21. Hey, A question. I am slave from Leah... I am chastely, all locked and gaged, all menu of the cursed loot mod are locked, and nothing more happens. How this works ? I need to do something? I cant ask if the mistress need something. The only to options is "give all my money to her" and "i need do sex with you" (but her always deny). PS: I got successfully the master key, but the rusty iron handcuffs i cant open. What key is? Or I need only to wait the ticks until the combination is founded? (because i do no know where i put the combination, then i think this is automati
  22. SKSE64 2.0.17 rel 6 This mod work very well before I uninstall him (until today, I do not know why I did this).
  23. Sorry for my english, is not my native language. I do not understand. I am developer (progress 4gl, c#, c++ and others), i am did games in unity (for fun only). I Know how painful is to do this. But this error, milkpoll = 0, it is a mysterious, because the variable, in program (script) milkquest.psc, is setting where i do reset (varsetup function) to 1. I see this, because I put 4 in poll settings, and this go to 1 after reset. But the debug do not shows in any file. Have one file where can I see the log? Or do not have this? I use a clean save, and a save
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