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  1. If you can help me, what more specific, i need to view in the log?
  2. After I give help from Volkar, all times that him go to check mia lorenz, they tell me all the same... Someone can help me please... 3rd day, and nothing to break this litle whore. I punish her, I give her an apple, and then I fuck her, and nothing. I have been doing this for 2 days, and always the same asnwer from volkar... this is not funny... PS: My time to trainning is in 2 PS2: And then. after so much work, she back to be rebelious... image 2... i give up...
  3. do not worked this for me.. lorenz not working... have some faction to put her with console... i am for 2 days, tring and nothing. thank you.
  4. Ok.. for me works this option.... i only tried help you....
  5. Ok..i understood.. and thanks for the mod... i put my char as dom, and works like a charm...
  6. Choice "Follow us for sex" for that NPC, and um new dialogue with many options will open. This is need to be need for each NPC that you will have sex. PS: Sorry my English
  7. Nop.. this not worked for me... I have the same problem.... the whipper still stop until end of animation,
  8. Hey, any update about this error, that we send images to you verify variables? Need some more help to fix it?
  9. Hello, Drink piss not working. They call allways the same animation, arrok lesbian, but not are pee. Sl ap animation's are installed and enabled in Toggle aninations tab on sexlab 1.63 rev 8 Need some special animation? Thanks
  10. Hello, Some tip to fix, when the squirt start, and not stop, even with end of the sexlab scene, without start another animation?
  11. playerhome - its my role..... i will try... thank you. Edit: worked. Thank you.
  12. Do not tell me this.... But before this last patch, at day 12, all working fine... But make sense... I will follow you tip, and will change owner.... Thanks a lot
  13. Hello, I am a bug. Bellow 2 images... Everything is going well, until she shows me the dialogue of the first image. I took all the clothes off the character, and then she showed me the dialogue of the second image. Ok. But then, she doesn't show any more dialogue... She only shows the one in the first picture when I'm wearing clothes, and the one in the second picture when I'm not wearing clothes ... I can't talk to her or anything anymore. I tried to go back to save, but she inevitably falls into that dialogue and never leaves. I tried to leave and come bac
  14. No.. its only for convenience, when i need to do a dungeon, or a quest more complicated, i need to disable this... its ok... forgot this ideas... thanks
  15. Hello, One idea. Put a key to summon the owner near you. Many times, the follower are in some place, and cant follow me. Another thing, is put a key to disable activities of submissive lola. This ideas, are because I have so many itens in MCM menu, and need to roll many times before get submissive lola menu. Thanks.
  16. Please, Can show me where? I just look in all menus, and not founded the Scaling Option. Thanks and sorry for bother you. Moacir Jr.
  17. Hello, A question: in flower girls framework, have a option to size the actors (npc's and pc) to 1, in other words, let all in the same size to animations. In sexlab, I can't found this. Many animations are wrong because one char is biger than other. Have a option to do this? Thanks a lot.
  18. I understood in the last reply, and know how works the sliders, hehehehe... I only have tried to use the "default". But I changed exposure rate to 0.5 (was 2). Bellow Images: The first one, is before the sexlab scene. Second, is after the sexlab scene (nothing change, D variable not 0), and third after using milk machine, in this case, the arousal dropped from 100 to 95 using 0.5 of exposure (see the D variable now is 0, only happens in milk machine). When I use 2 in the exposure, this value drop from 100 to 55 in milk machine. In photo number 5 before the s
  19. Thanks for reply. I am not have voyeur or exhibitionist checked. And my exposure rate is a 2 (default from mod). My time rate was at 33 (how i see, is dynamic) then I set to 0 and had a sexlab scene. The arrousal drop from 100 to 99, with near 2 min of scene... I do not know... but something is not right in my installation. today I reinstalled, and same... Thanks a lot for help Moacir Jr.
  20. Hello, Arousal is not dropping. My char its a female (in sexlab and without scholong). Always 100. Only drop manually or by defined in settings the diary drop. Someone know what can I do to fix? need something (log or list of mod) to try solve? PS: I started a new game with a new char, and the same, the arousal do not drop. The only thing that drop the arousal is the milk machine. Thanks a Lot, Moacir Jr.
  21. I trying to found a solution, but i cant. I am not creating milk bottles... In machine, self or with curias, none bottle of milk is created, but all other mechanics ir working fine Any thing i can do to fix this? Thanks
  22. Peoples, I checked in the original post for this LE mod, and he has no linked with sexlab. He just uses the strip configuration of the sexlab to know what clothes to take. The strip integration before starting the sex scene, does not exist. Moacir Jr.
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