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  1. Sorry by the lazy question, but the change is not automatic? I need to change manually before change to make sex? I need my char female for all other things, but in the sex time, i need to her change to futa. 1st image, show the animation, with cock, but not show cock. 2nd and 3rd show the other animation, leito missionary, but then player stay as female, and the sexlab put a strapon in the player. Thanks a lot. Moacir Jr.
  2. Sorry, but can someone help me please. All installed, nothing ctd, all locations ON and working, i received the quest MARIA EDEN.and I am making gold with clients... its all ok.. But, how start the quest slave whore? Thanks for help me, and sorry for bother yours.
  3. Yes yes, I am expressed wrong, sorry. I would say, This mod undress all female npc's, when her turn self a cow, this is right ?
  4. A question. When the NPC, any NPC, turn herself in a "cow", her undress. This is it?
  5. Sorry for bump, this, but any idea? some new animation? Thanks a lot...
  6. I need to put the aureola and nipples more darker, almost black. Is there any texture mod for this, for SE? Thanks a Lot Moacir Jr.
  7. I think its work... I uninstalled all, and installed all again, and worked, saved loaded suscefull. But how can i test? I am not a mod skyrim programer, then the command sendmodevent i cant know where can i use, the console do not accept. And the sslv_cagemark2 do not exist to coc console command Have any form I test ? I have submissive lola (1.1), and sexlab kidnaped redux (I put 100% possibilit to go to simple slavery, but not happen) PS: Sorry for my english...
  8. I am using NMM.... A question. did you anything before to switching from plus to plus plus ? disabled something in the MCM menu, or other thing?
  9. Please, someone can help me ? I trying to install this version, i use the plus version, but all tries, i get a corrupt save on load. I tried install plus plus, rewriting the plus, get this erros I tried Uninstall and install plus plus, and get this error I tried Uninstall and load previos save, and same error. This simple slavery plus have something that corrupt my save, simple. Any tip? Thanks a lot.
  10. Sorry, but i am a bit confuse. What files i need to download? Have 3 possibles main files ("TDF agressive....,.7z", "tdf lengendary......7z" and "tdf lengendary ....SE.7z" What i need to download to start function ? Thanks a lot and sorry for bother you.
  11. Yes, only work with MME Morph and SLIF, if I not use this 2 mods, the morphs not happens with MME.
  12. For CBBE SE All works fine, but not em 3BBB, what i need... But now is working... I Installed SLIF + MME Morph, and configured all right, and all working.. CBBE 3BBB AMAZING + ABBA + FHUP + MME, works like a charm... Sometimes, the game freeze, and I change from SMP to CBPC physics (Numpad "+" button), and back again, and all back to normal... Its not with SLIF or MME Morph, is something with the physics + CBBE 3BBB... Thanks for responses....
  13. If help someone, i do not found the "list morphs" in the "SL Inflation Framework -> Bodymorph", in this location, have noting usable in the MME Morph. I Found all usable data morphs in ABBA, just like image bellow... Now, with this data from ABBA in the MME Morph, all work like a charm with 3BBB.. Thanks a lot.
  14. Not for me... sad... Only 3BBB + ABBA + FHU wotks fine..... 3BBB + MME (using FLIF and MME config morphs), nothing.... I have doing something wrong
  15. ABBA Works like a charm with 3BBB, but MME, nothing... with this mme config, not work too... I do not know how configur SL Inflation, less than the MME Config... Bellow, my images with my setup PS: Morphs works like a charm with CBBE SE, but CBBE 3BBB Amazing, only ABBA works, MME not works... Please, Help me. Thanks.
  16. Really, I am tested and worked ABBA with 3BBB... I will see if have any tips for 3BBB with MME.... Thanks a Lot for response...
  17. Sorry if I am bothering yours, But i see many problems and solutions with 3BBB using morphing, but all confuse to understand, so many solutions for the same problem... O have MODS Milk Mod Economy and ABBA. Both work like a charm with CBBE SE Body Physics... But with 3BBB, nothing happens. If I use in BS and choice CBBE 3BBB or 3BBB Amazing, nothing happens. If I back to CBBE Body Physics all works again. I am forgot anything? I am need to use anything else ? I do not use "racemenu" in change from CBBE to CBBE 3BBB, or SLIF MOD for inflation, with CBBE SE All works fine
  18. I know, its a dumb question, but how works the market for sell milk? where is the markes ? o use pumps, but i do not found these markets where i cant sell the milk, for the price in the mcm market shows
  19. Hey, 2 ideas, for this greate mod, i like so much: 1) Integration with furnitures, like a polory, if my char use a pillory, my owner can start a spank or sex, or do nothing, and order to my char get out form that furniture. 2) I the old submissive lola, was a option, where the owner order to sub stay always kneel, when near her, for 1 hour or 2. Thanks a Lot Moacir Jr.
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