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  1. I see the solutions of the Wartime's Daughter support page, and all worked fine. Thank you for response...
  2. Devious Enslaved stoped showing in MCM menu... On a new save (clear), or in a old save... attached, the papyrus log. Papyrus.0.log
  3. Yeah, I tried this mod, but in the installation, they need a dependency, dcc-dm2.esp, and i do not know what is... I put a question in the support page of this mod, but the response are the dcc-dm2.esp mod make some CTD's, and do not have SSE version. Any tip's... Thanks a lot Moacir Jr.
  4. Someone have "Immerslave - by Arbiter" working in SSE? I do not see any version of him to use this SD+ with another life. Thanks.
  5. Sorry the dumb question, but the quest below, stoped in this stage, and i do not know what i do. Can help me ? Dibellan Pilgrim: Your nude pilgrimage to all Dibella's temples is rudely interrupted by the closure of the Markarth temple
  6. Where you get dcc-dm2.esp mod? This mod not work until I have this mod, but i do not know what or where I get this
  7. In the requirements, not need all dlc's, but after installed, the mod not activate, because not have 2 dlc's... Its is true, or is bug? If is true, put this requirements in the download page, and we not lose time installing and removing after. Thanks.
  8. Uninstalled... its bad.... I saved, loaded, and apparently worked, but not... some one or 2 animations, all wrong, no synchronized... sorry... i am liked the idea of the mod, really, but i think need some "fix"...
  9. I am posting here, because the author of this mod, not let we put comments in their mod page (support page not allowed or I am cant find). How are supposed this mod works? I am in diamond city, activated the mod, and.........................................nothing..... When I activated, the mod show me some information's, like what will supposed to do, but i can wait 30 min, 1 hour, 1 day, and nothing happen...
  10. Thank you so much... worked like a charm in my char... beautiful harness...
  11. Hello, Sorry for my English. Have any mod, or setup, that when a animation use ropes, or chains or any devious device, this devices stay in the PC after animation end? I think more realism, like a rape or agressive animation... Thanks a lot. Moacir Jr.
  12. Hello, The Body Search events are occurring OK, but the animations not... The dialogue and "search" is showing, but the PC and NPC are stooped (not in "T" position, only in idle mode). The file BodySearchAnimsSE.zip, need to be installed in NMM (what I did), or need to copy manually? Thanks a lot. Moacir Jr.
  13. I was with similar error on load of previous save. IIf this is you point, the solution is in this link: This mod (program) save one backup from the save fixed, but for me, this only make the save and game work like a charm... Many other little problem's are fixed to. I hope I've helped Att, Moacir Jr.
  14. Sorry for the lazy questions, but i have so many doubts: 1) How this works ? Its a slot ? I see are craftable, but what ? The cure or the cock? Its show up in the PC at install mod? 2) The AAF, the mod inform the AFF the char is male, and not female? 3) How I put the follower or another npc as futa? Again, sorry for the lazy questions, but i liked so much this mod, and i will test at night. I have futa in the skyrim, and there works like a charm. Thanks a lot.
  15. Thanks a lot... really, I forgot the console commands to do this... Thanks again...., Edit: I see in the site https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Fallout_4_console_commands, and the command is the same, but in fallout 4 seems to be a bit different.. I will test today: SetUfoCamSpeedMult <int> or sucsm <int> – Changes the Freefly camera movement speed. sucsm 10 – Half movement speed. sucsm 20 – Default speed. sucsm 40 – Double movement speed.
  16. Hello, Have some way, to speed up the free camera? It's so slow, when going around in the animations. PS: If is not here this doubt, let me know. Thanks a lot Moacir Jr.
  17. All working very very very well... But sometimes, the mod stuck in the blank screen (where show the messages). Why need that blank screen? I cant do nothing when stuck in blank screen, only load a previous save, and in this case, i lose so much things (a entire quest, i know i know, is my fault not saving 20 time per hour)... Any tip or what probably can be ? PS: After load the previous version, i need to quit entirely from game to desktop, and run again, because nothing works more, like tab button and another thing. Thanks a lot.
  18. Thank you... i will see the tip about aaf, and the tip about .ini file... thanks so much
  19. Some little bugs I have founded: 1) The animation not end's... this fixed only with loading previous game. The end key from AFF not worked 2) The theft from the PC still occurring with the chance in 0. Theft everything, from junk to weapons. Uninstalled for while. The bug from not ending animations its ok, but the theft are the worst. Thanks a lot Moacir Jr.
  20. Hello, I searched, found some information, but i am not can do this work. In FxF animations, the strap-on not showing... I am installed in the order of this manual, all working very very fine, only the strap-on's not showing... Please, any tip?
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