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  1. A tiny idea, to put an option in the menu: "probability of being stolen" (0 for not happening)
  2. I trying to do this mod wkr, but i have a bug. After the guard put the "gag" and the chsins in my char, all stop, i cant move, and nothing happens... is my char in the middle, one guard back, and one guard in front me... and nothing happens.
  3. I made the raider ally with me (setally)... but the hardship dialog does not work (anything happens, I type "E", and hardship dialog not shows up. PS: The hardship dialog are enabled. Someone know how to enable this? Or the game have mechanics to prevent this? Thanks a lot.
  4. Thank you so much by the help.... worked like a charm
  5. I am get involved with Marge.. but I would try Isabel... I tried to end my contract with marge and... was not a good idea, rssss... How can I end my agreement with marge, or can i have 2 pimps ?
  6. I see the video, and ... wow... that's grate with marge... i would try to do all that, and have a house in diamond city, to open a brothel, rssss.. but I did't see isabel... How ready is isabel ? its a dome with many actions/options, or this is to be finished ? Thank you
  7. I liked the idea, but where or wich mod, can i found this Queen isabel?
  8. Sorry about my lazy question, but how marge works ? She is from this mod? Is she a domme? Or just a follower with a diferent diallog?
  9. When my char kneel or squat (I do not know how term use), and then I call the pip-boy, shows up a "triangule" or "cone", big, in front of him... Any tips? PS: I love this mod since skyrim, and in skyrim, this "bug" do not happens.
  10. Sorry about my lazy question, but, where I unlock the degenerate radio with this code? File section is not disponible.
  11. I need a help. I am accidentally put the "hunter mark" on my follower, but I don't want this... How can I remove this thing from my follower now?
  12. 4 images bellow, and i do not have slave's safe to build, only this 4 structures.... any idea how can i fix it?
  13. I did this, I was walking around the boss, more than 1 hour (real) and only 1 quest. I kept calling her all the time, and the only thing, besides the one quest received, she did was ask for a duc tape and put it in my mouth, for me shut up, hehehehehe.
  14. Last question, i think, rsssss... The quests, are so slow to show up. I am received only one quest, in each time my PC are slaved. I see in another post, that quests are random. Have any configuration to down this time for random to choice quests, or have some rule for the quests are going showing up? Thanks a lot
  15. And where can I see this raider pack in the player? My PC get slaved many times, and I, after some time, killed they. I am not sure if I have this raider pack status, because i go to diamond city, and I did not received any abusive dialogue (or i am not have see). and bell, is the plug bell ? Thanks and sorry for my English and for my lazy question.
  16. Sorry my dumb and lazy quest, but how this mods works? I have installed as well, its enabled, but nothing happened until now, any quest started or belly morph. Thanks a lot. Moacir Jr.
  17. A question: I am using only hotkeys, not rings... have worked fine because I changed to male until now... but if I need to change, from male to female, after I use the hotkey, i need to quick save and load? Thanks a lot.
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