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  1. A tiny idea, to put an option in the menu: "probability of being stolen" (0 for not happening)
  2. I trying to do this mod wkr, but i have a bug. After the guard put the "gag" and the chsins in my char, all stop, i cant move, and nothing happens... is my char in the middle, one guard back, and one guard in front me... and nothing happens.
  3. I made the raider ally with me (setally)... but the hardship dialog does not work (anything happens, I type "E", and hardship dialog not shows up. PS: The hardship dialog are enabled. Someone know how to enable this? Or the game have mechanics to prevent this? Thanks a lot.
  4. Thank you so much by the help.... worked like a charm
  5. I am get involved with Marge.. but I would try Isabel... I tried to end my contract with marge and... was not a good idea, rssss... How can I end my agreement with marge, or can i have 2 pimps ?
  6. I see the video, and ... wow... that's grate with marge... i would try to do all that, and have a house in diamond city, to open a brothel, rssss.. but I did't see isabel... How ready is isabel ? its a dome with many actions/options, or this is to be finished ? Thank you
  7. I liked the idea, but where or wich mod, can i found this Queen isabel?
  8. Sorry about my lazy question, but how marge works ? She is from this mod? Is she a domme? Or just a follower with a diferent diallog?
  9. When my char kneel or squat (I do not know how term use), and then I call the pip-boy, shows up a "triangule" or "cone", big, in front of him... Any tips? PS: I love this mod since skyrim, and in skyrim, this "bug" do not happens.
  10. Sorry about my lazy question, but, where I unlock the degenerate radio with this code? File section is not disponible.
  11. I need a help. I am accidentally put the "hunter mark" on my follower, but I don't want this... How can I remove this thing from my follower now?
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