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  1. Thanks a lot for the answer ! I'm looking to use SexLab instead of OSA. I think that I will download both to test. What I've seen on the forums or the website you sent me is absolutely incredible. The quality is crazy. Why I don't use Blender ? Way much difficult for someone like me with no experience in 3D , animating. No rendering time, real time. Flexibility Do you if one quality gif or video maker here share is whole setup ? It could be a precious help !
  2. Ok, thanks for the answer ! So, are there good video oriented mods (camera, traveling, shortcuts) for SexLab instead of gameplay mods ? Which SexLab setup can you advise for my use ? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi everyone ! I'm a beginner with Skyrim moding and basically I have actually CBBE , Bodyslide Studio , HDT physics , SOS and Osex with ENB. My goal is to make videos that looks almost like pre-rendered erotic videos. I have some issues with this config.. Unaligned penises, strech texture issues on females, no cumshot, no POV, collision problems with the floor. I tried some POV mods for Skyrim but I could not get good results. I'm looking for someone who have the same sort of setup and can give me advice on the best setups to achieve my goal. Thank you very much 😁
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