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  1. Found an issue... ass soon as you get pregnant (as a shoggoth) and leave the ship and/or planet, the pregnancy disappears and your character sprite no longer appears in any sex animations. On any save.
  2. So... Playing a Novakid... and none of the platform animations work. With any race. The PC or NPC will just stand there on the platform. Just removed and re-added the mod, but if at all possible, I'd like to know of a potential solution.
  3. Found another issue. My Mod Loader says all the plugins are meaqnt for a different game... even though I installed the assets and scripts from this exact page.
  4. Thankfully, through much uninstalling and reinstalling, it miraculously fixed itself.
  5. I keep getting an error that says something about "Sandbox patch must be loaded before pump selection"
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