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  1. its from a LAL start in the dark brotherhood i get to the quest where it sends me to markarth and it crashes as i enter from the outside. and it only seems to be markarth..
  2. im getting a crash when i load into markarth it show up the load screen loads for the average load time for entering a city then instant crash no errors or anything. Ill post my load order and papyrus log but let me know if theres anything else needed. (load order help would be appreciated as well if anyone can im sure its a mess) edit: im running the newest version of SKSE, FNIS and im pretty sure any other utilities im running. (idk what all qualifies as a utility if you need more i can figure it out with a bit of assistance) Papyrus.0.rar
  3. how would an impatient person go about imitating/making the cum queen look?
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