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  1. FPE just updated is this gonna receive an update soon too?
  2. in redux i had an issue with carriage and ferry travel overhaul, the issue is that the carriage drivers have a clone standing beside (one is from redux the other is cafto) i dont know if its possible but a patch or fix would be amazing.
  3. would just installing the tropical islands mod work i want it in my load order anyways.
  4. best i can say is to just try reinstalling it and putting low as you can in load order its a really buggy mod but you can definitely get it to work, some of the past posts might have other helpful info too, those hotkeys for debug are important though check, in the mcm it syas what they are
  5. that was my issue at one point after he attaches the DD gear to you save and reload and it should work ( you might have to futs with the debug hotkeys like Shift+space and stuff)
  6. thanks for the info it helps with me learning modding and mod creation i just didn't get where the dependency came from but makes sense now.
  7. weird cause i know the le version doesn't have the dependency on bruma
  8. so ive heard about the incompatibility with carriages and ferry travel overhaul (from what i understand cfto makes a copy of the drive that SLUTS doesnt recognize which makes duplicate drivers) does anyone know how to fix this issue in creation kit or can someone point me to a guide. thanks in advance
  9. how would i go about moving the pumps in game i specifically want to move the whiterun ones as because the great cities has a conflict. I dont want to just remove whiteruns pumps if i can, even if you can just point me in the right direction thatd be enough
  10. its from a LAL start in the dark brotherhood i get to the quest where it sends me to markarth and it crashes as i enter from the outside. and it only seems to be markarth..
  11. im getting a crash when i load into markarth it show up the load screen loads for the average load time for entering a city then instant crash no errors or anything. Ill post my load order and papyrus log but let me know if theres anything else needed. (load order help would be appreciated as well if anyone can im sure its a mess) edit: im running the newest version of SKSE, FNIS and im pretty sure any other utilities im running. (idk what all qualifies as a utility if you need more i can figure it out with a bit of assistance) Papyrus.0.rar
  12. how would an impatient person go about imitating/making the cum queen look?
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