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  1. Thank you so much for replying. I have already installed yours in my game and i love it 🙂
  2. Hello! Great job on your sliders. I am wanting to use these in my game. I have quite a few sliders in my game. I know you said to remove certain ones, but I also have these: Redheadsims - Nikki Butt Slider Pirumxsim- Knees & Legs Luumia- Hip shape and Neck Height slider Daniparadise- Thigh slider I would rather use yours because I think it covers all the main areas I need. I just don't want to remove something that I can keep.
  3. Hello... I am having trouble following creators on here. Like, there is no button to click at all on their profiles. Im guessing thats still being worked on?
  4. Hello! 


    I am new to the world of CC and Mods with the sims. I am also having the same issue with the last exception error like LilRedSim. I read your comment Nisa and I am not really following when you mentioned backing up the file from the save folder before you delete it.... then what? Am I to delete your file folder from my save folder and just restart the game? I should mention that I did update WW today using the link from patreon. BMD and others I have all seem to be ok and a few did not need updating because it survived the patch. If you have to explain it to me like im a 5 year old I promise I won't be offended! 🙂 I just want to get my game back running properly. Thanks in advance!


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