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  1. @Aylis Thanks for the update but is there any up with Windhelm in your playthrough? I happened to disable JK's Skyrim and it actually didn't CTD (tried your tip of disabling dynDOLOD first and it still crashed), so is there anyway I can get some tips on how to troubleshoot this. It seems to be Windhelm only.
  2. Anyone with a quick tip on how to fix the College of Winterhold Mage Robes, that are missing the lower leg meshes. I've done the fix before but I sorta forgot how to do it. I think it involves xEdit, or something.
  3. @Aylis hey man, I don't think its DynDOLOD. Tried deactivating it and still crashing during the load screen. Have run both tex gen and dyndolod. So I disabled JK's Skyrim AIO and it worked being able to go to Windhelm. How should I go about troubleshooting? Windhelm is the only place that I CTD at. Thanks again.
  4. Kids in their undies, wtf. LOL Multiple children through out the game world are just in their undies, I tried reinstalling RSChildren overhaul and Realistic RSChildren.
  5. Could not generating tree LOD cause issues, it does give a warning to us if we don't check it but the DynDOLOD instructions have it "greyed" out. Any input would help.
  6. Random question, do I have to run the Bashed Patch with my plugins in the correct order prior to moving the ESM files up? Would that matter?
  7. Anyone have any tips for this weird floating fire pits that should have pedestals underneath it?
  8. Thanks for the tip, aylis but just ran it right now. Still crashed. Any tips to further troubleshoot? Thanks in advanced, your the best!
  9. Issues with entering Windhelm, anyway to diagnose it? Cleaned my save, and still a no go.
  10. So I just ran my last save through ReSaver and there was 108 unattached instances is that unusual especially when my mods didn't change besides a couple of DAR animations.
  11. So I redid my install nothing wonky anymore but just random CTD, I tried changing my pagefiling settings but it was already managed by my computer and not set by me.
  12. Thanks Aylis, I appreciate the help. I did notice some mods plugins were not in the same exact order of install and it seemed weird. Should I move them around to reflect the install order you gave us, or if I installed it in the order you gave us the plugins should've been in the right order from the original install besides the annotated patches and "yellow dot/plugin" warning and instructions?
  13. Random question when you guys say load order you mean the left or right side? lol.
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