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  1. I'm having the same issue. It's not game breaking just a tad annoying.
  2. Hey ho. Using the SSE version, I get a crash when using the rape hotkey and ONLY the rape hotkey. Tying them up with defeat out of werewolf form then interacting with them and raping them from that menu works. it's just the hotkey that causes the crash, which sucks as that was kind of the main reason I downloaded. Do you have suggestions?
  3. With the defeat mod you can set it so you're knocked down by losing stamina. IIRC, you can set the threshold to 100% of your stamina so anytime a creature attacks you there's a chance to be assaulted.
  4. For anyone wanting a Special Edition version of this, the file in this worked amazingly for me. All I did was load it with vortex, made sure I have the same requirements as listed here, and it works flawlessly. I'm not a modder nor do I ever post comments anywhere, but it worked so good I just had to share.
  5. Dude I've been looking for apropos for SE forever and I kept reading up that I'd need to do crazy mod shit to make it happen then you just drop the best conversion of it in a random thread?? Thank you so so much, all I did was install with vortex and it worked fine right out of the box.
  6. I finally, through griveous trial and error, managed to get it fixed. Here's what I did for anyone else. I redownloaded the mod. That was all I needed to do. god fucking But thanks a bunch for the help. I had a feeling at the end of this I'd feel like a moron. It's always the simplest solutions you don't check.
  7. Got your screenshots, I am plumb stumped. I tried what you said and no dice, and re-registered fnis and still no invite animation. I have also tried using a controller button incase it was my keyboard but that didn't work either. I also tried turning the invite animation off to see if an invite was possible without, no dice. Here's a litteral ton of screens, lmk if you need anything more specific. full configurables and that scan error I mentioned on the bottom.
  8. I know, I'm not looking for instant solutions, just some help with trial and error. And the invite key does, flat out, nothing. There is nothing output to the console, no animation is played, I don't even get a 'the creature is not interested in you' message. It's as if the game doesn't register I'm pushing they key at all. And I'm using the numpad 9 for my invite hotkey if that makes a difference. I will go down your list tommorrow and if none of those work I will be here again with screenshots. One thing I will say is that sexlab seems to register all creatures as female even though they have big ole dicks. I have match creature genders on, would that be causing issues?
  9. I have everything set up correctly as far as I'm. Creature animations are allowed, the animations are loaded. All of the aroused creatures 'help' things are showing up green. One thing I did notice is that I think the scan seems to be the problem. Whenever I load a game and check the console it mentions that [slar] scan has completed a 0.000FT scan or something. I did try to reset the creature scan radius to a lower 72 feet to see if that fixed it, but it's still saying the scan is zero feet wide. Another thing that could be related is that hitting my 'invite' key does nothing. I must approach a creature in dialogue to get them to engage with me. But there are tons of settings, are you looking for anything in particular?
  10. Hey guys, can you help me out here? I'm having a really weird issue with this mod. The only thing is that no engagements are happening, however, whenever I invite a creature with dialog, the animations work perfectly. In addition the hentai creatures 'training' works without issue as well, it's only the random engagements that aren't happening. I've tried everything I can think of, short of reinstalling the mod and I'm kind of afraid to do that cause I don't want to bork the load order. I do use LOOT. I set it so only creature arousal matters, puppeteer the creatures to have 100 arousal in addition to the zero percent required to start an engagement. I also dropped the time between scans to one second. Still no creatures engaging of their own volition. I even ticked on the allow actors in scenes in case that was the issue, still no dice. FNIS is up to date, and I tried all the normal fixes. Many thanks in advance, I am plum out of ideas.
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