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  1. Finally I got it working! I figured out the problem the oblivion bsa files timestamp was incorrect the moment I did the thing where you correct it it worked fine, thanks for all the help!
  2. Another problem I installed the unofficial patches for oblivion and now it crashes when it says bethesda when starting
  3. Ok i got a question do I need wrye bash? it says you do not use it and I am not familiar with it so it would be better if I didnt. also sorry if I came off as rude in my post I was frustrated.
  4. This is my first time installing lapf, and every time I do something wrong, and I can for the love of god not get my dick or tits to not fucking slap someone thats all the way one the other side of the planet because everything is a clusterfuck, now I am having stretching problems because I am fucking something up and I dont know what, but I also dont know why all of this is so complicated why cant everything be more convenient. So I would to restart, and I would like some new instructions on this and not a link to a post from 9 years ago because things change, I would also appreciate it if someone would tell me what body mods to use because I am not sure if the one im using are correct, basically I need someone to hold my hand and tell me everything they did to make lapf work so that I can install whatever plugins for lapf, please I just want to masturbate in oblivion in peace.
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