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  1. I saw the bunny-like ears and was like "I know what I'm going to do" Only replaced the diffuse and normal maps, still have to replace the rest.
  2. tbh I'm just not happy with how it looks, I improved the boobs but the rest still bothers me, tbf, when I was making the mod I was more messing around than anything else so it just makes sense that it woulnd't look the way I wanted. xD Anyways, here's the lastest version I imported into the game if anyone really wants it. Shiki Nude.7z
  3. Released a beta of Zooey in this Patreon page, will be public in one week, for now is only available for Patrons, probably going to put Ferry there too soon-ish : https://www.patreon.com/posts/40064766
  4. More W.I.P stuff I guess, I really like this Zooey recolor
  5. Okay, so, I posted this mod if anyone is interesed: https://www.patreon.com/posts/39930978 (is free dw lol)
  6. Nah, in fact I always replace alt. costumes and not the main ones. In this case I replaced the main menu model because I needed to test her somewhere lol (and her playable files were removed in the updates post-launch so that wasn't an option) Maybe? I don't really think so but I will check that again later and see if I should change their position a bit
  7. Fun, probably going to make that one. But for now, enjoy T-Posed partially nude Mei
  8. I think I will do Mei as well just to have her ready for her release, any idea for a cute/sexy outfit or swimsuit for her?
  9. Like I said; There's still hope if they do a Season 2. xd Also, Tsuyu, not in-game, not sexy, but she has to be there to complete the collection.
  10. Almost done Bikini Shiki
  11. Early W.I.P with no extra materials, outline, etc
  12. I will be doing only the girls with official swimsuits for now, and then MAYBE repurpose the bodies for the other girls.
  13. To answer this, I will quote myself: ------------- Thanks!
  14. Momo xd Also nude variation is a thing
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