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  1. It works now thanks again. I swore there was a function command you could press so that the costume mods would stay even after closing and opening the game again. I thought it was f8.
  2. I've seen it done on Blender, but I am not sure how to mod Ryza 2. Plus, I am still learning Blender too. If I could, I would use one of the nude mods to remove the rest of the clothing off.
  3. It was weird because I disabled the redhip folder before bringing the whole thing up. I think I will delete the folder altogether and look up conflicts for the common body.
  4. Now I only have it happen to common girls like Fiona, Kasumi, Ayane, Misaki, and so on. It now works for the small and big girls though.
  5. So I have two menus, Honokas, and a redhip. I will rename the redhip to have DISABLED in front but I'm not sure what to do past that.
  6. I updated the CostumeCustomizer and the Mod Manager and looked for any takao mods to disable and I still have the same issues.
  7. That's the thing. I have the English Steam version and the breasts look weird on all of the girls I try the bp boobs on. I have Hi-Metal's v4 skin textures downloaded.
  8. So you can't have takao on multiple girls at once? I am having a similar but different issue as Joe.
  9. The ReShade mod disables event notification texts and makes the model bleed through in the background like shown and when you are in the festival menu.
  10. Mine doesn't come out as good as the one you showed us and I have the same version. For me, the breasts comes out weird.
  11. So I know the swimsuit is With You for Fiona, the problem is that I tried to disable the ini files related to the suit but nothing changes. Not sure what the problem is.
  12. I did not know that. I will give that a try then. Thanks
  13. Oh shoot was that in the tutorial? Not at all. Does that highlight which part it is taking the frame analysis?
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