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  1. Ayy thats some nice work dude! Youre gonna give me a run for my money lol Keep it up! Im digging how your take on this is coming along!
  2. Alrigty dang, didnt expect to get all that feedback overnight but thanks. Well, here's yet another attempt lol. I referenced the pic from Neptunia Jinraider posted, Compa especially, so hopefully this take is at least starting to look better to you all. I think its probably gonna need more takes before I really got it nailed down tho
  3. Aight well, here's a second take on Chie at least. If this still looks funky just lemme know what seems off and Ill continue to work on it tomorrow. Thanks again for the feedback everyone
  4. Its all good, you and ef24ta are definitely right though, Now that Im looking at them again, they really do look really really off. Serves me right for making this while super tired i guess In anycase tho, thanks for the feedback and that bit of info, ill def look into it and hopefully I can whip up some edits that dont look so... gross lol
  5. Got another update. Finished up the base edits for pretty much all the girls I'll being doing (except Naoto, cause she's gonna take the longest to edit.) But yeah, this should give a good idea of what to expect in the future. I'll probs work on implementing some of em tomorrow or somethin.
  6. nah I use Clip Studio Paint, Dunno if its got something like that, but I can look into it
  7. Also I should mention that its an absolute bitch to work with this games files. Its not really hard... just tedious as hell. Chie alone has just 90 separate files for all her portraits. And the same pretty much goes for Rise, Yukiko, and Naoto. So... yeah, it might take a while to get through all of them lol
  8. Thanks! I made it myself yeah. I'm hoping to have a download available soon with a bunch of the portraits and a few of the models edited somewhat soon, (probably only the swimsuit costumes tho, since they'd be the easiest to do).
  9. Update, managed to get a texture edit for the actual model working too. I can't for the life of me figure out how to edit the models directly, so this is the best I'll be able to do for this kinda thing for now. https://imgur.com/a/2A3sQju
  10. Already got to work on editing portraits for some of the characters (Ive never posted here and I cant quite figure out how add proper images to a post, so here's a link for a pic of it instead, hopefully it works) https://imgur.com/a/iEXd4sa
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