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  1. Check the animation settings for the creatures, if you have an animation tag listed for filtering you need to make sure that the animation actually shows has that tag. I found that using SLATE showed that a few of the animations I was looking for were not labeled as "Aggressive" even though they were called rape or forced. Try going in and click to the defeat settings for player or NPC vs NPC "disable all" and then "enable all" for all races. I'm not sure that you are supposed to be able to surrender to creatures, but defeat does seem to let it work on certain creatures just not al
  2. For the missing body, it sounds like you might be using a modular armor that has a piece set as "full body" that isn't getting stripped and doesn't have a body into the mesh. You can fix that by figuring out what piece is causing it by just equipping each piece separately until you encounter the missing body, then set that piece to be stripped or you can use xEdit to change the slot that the piece uses (you would also need to check the other pieces of the armor to prevent two pieces from sharing a slot). For the lesbian animations, are the animations being triggered at all or are being co
  3. I am trying to the life of me to remember what mod had this feature that would do a quick scan in the local area at the press of a button for any active sexlab scenes and list them in a UIExtensions window showing the actors involved, how far away they were from my current location, allow me to select a pair to change the animation at will, and/or take full control without being directly next to the scene. I originally had this mod on LE and thought it was part of the Sexlab Tools mod, as it was those buttons that I most often pushed when wanting to change animation sets etc, however the SE Se
  4. I'm having a slight issue with strip club employees set to "charming clients" where they will shoo a client or tell a client to move then both that client and the employee just leave the lot. The employee either comeback after like 30 seconds or just never comes back until the next time the club opens, It doesn't happen everytime but happens every once in a while. The employee is also set to prostitution via Nisa's Perversions so I can't say for 100% that the shooing/move interaction is a WW interaction. I've been running the game speed while on normal during the entire t
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