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  1. I'm using the DMM version. Sayuri's expression changed.😄 But the blush is not reflected.😪 Do I need to set something up? (This text has been translated by DeepL.)
  2. Remove the scarf and skirt from Nagisa birthday 2019 costume. This is a small MOD with only ini files. I think this mod can only be used if costume skills can not be maximized yet. SSR.Nagisa.Birthday2019_NoScarf_NoSkirt.ini
  3. Phase4 costume 04-06 no scarf for 3Dfix-DOA6 phase4_cos04-06_NoScarf.ini
  4. Currently under maintenance. It is a plan until 16 o'clock in Japan time, but it may be extended. Server maintenance ended on time. Game server is open.
  5. La Mariposa costume 07-09 no bra & no skirt please edit skin texture ? lamariposa_cos07-09_nobra_noskirt.ini
  6. Nyotengu no wings. Is it working properly? nyotengu_wingless.ini
  7. I like wet (or oily) skin. How can I change it more wet skin? Can I change it to the default skin always wet(or oily)?
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