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  1. I think you misunderstood what i meant, i never said you didn't follow the load order, but no biggie, now we also know its not just the 'dreaded' black face issue which stems from FaceGen errors you have encountered and your 'game at least 5X darker than it should be' ^^'
  2. tysm! i'll redo the load order again and try it with the new update (v1.57) for Fertility Mode v3 Fixes and Tweaks, hopefully i didn't miss out anything this time 😮
  3. Exactly! i mean @asebw did mentioned that they encountered the dreaded ''strange and bizarre reason ... one that is obscure enough that MO2 isn't finding it'' scenario.
  4. Main issue I'm encountering with this new play-through, is that i "no longer see x came in x, and no sperm is being tracked for each sexual event" even with verbose message toggled on, my player character is still not being tracked 'automatically' despite being filled with cum via FillHerUp. So i was wondering could there be an issue between FillHerUp, SLIF and FMV3 + Subhuman's fixes/patches.
  5. Yeah, i did mentioned if you feel that your load order has no issues and has exhausted all possible 'solutions' to the best of your ability you can try this mod. Face Discoloration Fix https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/42441
  6. Would this file from Baka's FillHerUp SE thread, solve the issues encountered by SLIF, FillHerUpSE and Fertility Mode V3 + Updates and Fixes Version?
  7. As my playthrough with fertility mode v3.01 + updates and fixes version wasn't tracking various parameters that would lead to pregnancy, i did a little troubleshooting and asked the mod author of Fertility Mode 3 Fixes and Updates regarding FillHerUp SE, specifically Bakafactory's version. Mod Author was kind enough to reply where they found out there might be an issue with Baka's FillHerUp SE source code specifically sr_InflateQuest.psc on line 645 - 647. They also mention that could lead to similar issues even with the original Fertility Mode V3.01/ unmodified FM. My ques
  8. If you followed Aylis's Load Order on the first page, you shouldn't be in a position to receive a black face issue for npcs. if you do really need a 'Fix' you could try this mod called Face Discoloration Fix https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/42441 (Nexus Link)
  9. Oooo.. i might have found the answer to my question, mod author was kind enough to reply. ( As of now, Baka's FillHerUp V1.4 is not compatible with Fertility Mode v3 fixes and Tweaks which updates the original Fertility mode V3) FM3 - updates and fixes's Mod Author also mentions due to the discrepancies in the source code, without 'fixing' sr_inflateQuest.psc line #645-647 and also somewhere else, it may also conflict with the unmodified FM/Original FM 3 version, to which degree, i'm not too sure as well.
  10. There might be incompatibilities between Baka's FillHerUpSE with Fertility Mode 3 Fixes and Updates , modder/mod author of FM3F&U - subhuman0100 mentioned that there is problem with the source code (as denoted above). Someone did suggest the older version/original version of FillHerUp SE may be more compatible for now, until Baka updates their version.
  11. Is Baka's FillHerUp V1.4 compatible with Fertility Mode v3 fixes and Tweaks which updates the original Fertility mode V3? could there be incompatibilities between these 2 mods? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46820?tab=description (Nexus Link)
  12. ABC just updated from V2.0 to V2.2~😛 What's New in Version 2.20V Released Monday at 05:10 PM 2.20V - Bug Fix: Renamed mesh names to match MNC's - Bug Fix: Some of ABC SMP didn't work - Added StromAtronach ABC
  13. Question! is Fertility Mode v3 fixes and Tweaks supported as well? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46820?tab=description (nexus's link)
  14. Will there be a compatibility patch for High Poly NPC Overhaul?. i noticed some vanilla NPCs have discolored faces and mismatching skintones. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/44155?tab=files
  15. i have a question with EmberXD, i have installed the mod according to the guide, do we need to select any options preceding the compatability patches for e.g. the one below (fire magicks,torches,forges etc, do we leave it blank?) sorry to bother ><'
  16. Is this appropriate? Would merging the side-dependancies with MilkModNew.esp affect the functionality of the mod/CTD inducing? Reason for doing so, is to cut down the number of .esp on my load order.
  17. I'm forever horny.. i just want to be happy x) i notice when i sleep/rest with Sexlab Hormones, my arousal is automatically maxed out.. did i do something wrong? tried to change the exposure rate in Sexlab Aroused but.. it still revert to 10.0 upon rest. x.x Which hormone levels directly affect sleep induced arousal? (Sexlab hormone levels parameters were left as default, as i'm not sure which to change, after c.creation while choosing Nord, Female)
  18. Question.. i just started a new game with Hormones installed, and tried sleeping to 'start' the mod/changes (1hr sleep) , i noticed my arousal is 99. (the parameters seen here are default, from character creation, race nord, sex female.. has not changed anything yet) did i do something wrong? i do have the following mods, (Sexlab Aroused Redux, Milk Mod Economy, FillHerUp, Sexlab Survival, SlIF)
  19. If both options 'advance scenes' is toggled does this means.. if a particular sex scene/animation has 4 stages, it will remain at stage 1 till there is no stamina or/and .. till actor cums even when 'Player autopilot' is turned on ? (my question is.. do i pick one option over the other one?)
  20. Can i assume that, with the recent updates to both Fill Her Up, Milk Mod having 'native support' for SLIF, adding Sexlab Hormones into the fray, which now also has support for SLIF, compatibility between these 3 mods is increased, since SLIF is managing scaling now? Do i still need to uncheck the belly node and breast node? (sorry, i'm lacking critical information/isn't too versed in modding)
  21. do we pick a predefined preset from the list? if so how do we to 'configure' sinful cbp presets/settings for a natural bounce?
  22. Is Sexlab Hormones SE compatible with SLIF/3BBB bodymorph?
  23. i-if we activate this, is there ways to lose weight? or does drinking cum factor in as well? since we do have cum hunger as a feature for our PCs
  24. If we activate this.. is there ways for the PC to lose weight? or would drinking more cum make PC blossom more?
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