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  1. I know you say on the mod page that every update will require a new save, but do you think that there'll be a point in the future where this isn't the case?
  2. I'm not sure, but it seems this mod here has some bodyslides: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72775
  3. Is it possible to detect if a collar your character is wearing is the cursed collar from Sexlab Survival you get if you don't have a magic licence? If so, I think it would be interesting to be able to convince your follower to remove it for you. Devious followers normally don't remove collars since they're not debilitating restraints, but the magic draining cursed collar is quite detrimental to characters that rely on magic. That said, it's still just a collar, and one you're forced to wear so as to not break the law; so you'd need to persuade your follower to remove it. And even then, your fo
  4. The MCM doesn't show up at all when I try using the newest beta version. I supposed I'll have to wait for the next version update.
  5. I just thought of a small idea that would add a little bit of flavour to Sasha. Granted, I've taken a bit of a break from Skyrim so I don't know if any changes were made to Sasha in the time I've been gone. The last time I used this mod, if you asked Sasha to be your keyholder she could essentially enslave you and become the dominating follower in the relationship. This is a choice made manually by the player, but what if there was a way for the event to automatically be triggered? Sasha was trained by her mother, The Dollmaker, to be the perfect wife/companion. If you
  6. The only two issues I've run into thus far are: One, I can only dissect things with an iron dagger, steel and any other type of dagger doesn't work for me. And two, when I dissect something I don't want to pick up the other loot the body had on it. I was working my way through a cave of Falmer, and i amassed a large collection of falmer swords and bows simply by dissecting. I figure if you want to search a body for loot you'd do it before the dissection.
  7. So when I deleted the chained collars from the json before, it was from the "collars" section. I just checked my DeviceList.json, and it seems that after toggling the chained collars option on and off in the MCM, everything in the json was deleted and replaced with just the chained collars I had originally removed. So I grabbed a fresh DeviceList.json from the archive and deleted the chained collars from the 'steelcollars' section. But once again, that resulted in my character getting no collar and only the magic curse.
  8. I went through the json and removed the collars with chains. But now I don't get any collar equipped, just the magic curse. And when I toggle the option for chained collars back on, I only get chained collars. Whatever's happening, it seems like turning off the option for chained collars in the MCM makes the mod try to only equip a chained collar. And the DeviceList.json file is not set to read only.
  9. How can I remove collars with chains from the list of possible magic curse collars? The option to disable them in the menu doesn't work for me, and I can't find the old list of devices to delete from the DeviceList.json file.
  10. Before I reinstall Skyrim, I think I'll wait for the next update of DF or so. I'm excited to see what other deals and features may come, but I have some other games that are calling my attention at the moment. One of the planned deals I'm most looking forward too is the Milk Deal. I like playing with MME, but I'd love the opportunity to play as a milk slave as opposed to a regular milk maid like normal with that mod. Though I'm curious how that deal would interact with the current milk gambling game you can play with your follower. If you're follower is feeding you lactacid and usi
  11. I've taken a lengthy break from Skyrim and feel like starting back at reinstalling and modding it soon, so I can't remember if there was anything like this in DF or not. I was thinking, what if there was an option to make select NPCs not start as a devious follower, but as you play and do certain things they eventually become one. For instance, a housecarl like Lydia. She starts out as an 'innocent' housecarl just doing her job, but over time her mindset gets influenced by things you do with her around. As you do these things her sense of morals begins to shift, things like st
  12. I'd recommend starting with the original Fate/Stay Night. It may not be the best in the series, but it is still good and serves as the perfect starting point for this rabbit hole. Fate/Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heavens Feel are the original three from the visual novel. In the VN they're called different "routes", as they all take place during the same time with the same characters, but they look at different aspects of the characters and events play out in each. Unlimited Blade Works is built off things you'd know from experiencing the first route, Fate/Stay Night, and Heavens
  13. I had a thought today, so please excuse me while I ramble. What if having multiple followers was made a little more exciting? I haven't really experimented with having multiple followers while using this mod, but from what I can gather the only thing that happens is that there's extra debt added for each follower you have. So currently it seems like you can either have one follower to keep your debt more manageable, or risk faster enslavement with more followers for the trade off of easier fights. It's fine, just personally it doesn't seem like much of an incentive for me to get mu
  14. Ooh, I hadn't really thought about it from that angle. All the more to be excited about, then.
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