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  1. Weird, is there mod that change managing outfit? I've checked on vanilla and awsome inventory, but they were worked well.
  2. Have you checked the tampons and pads are in stockpile zone? Oh, i didn't know that way. The implantation chance is affected by RJW's impregnation chance settings. If these values are not 100%, the impregnation chance is not 100% even though implantation chance setting is 100%.
  3. That's normal. Fertilized egg should be implanted to proceed to pregnancy. If the egg failed to implant, it will disappear. If you think the chance is too low, you can raise it in mod settings.
  4. Dirty tampons have a chance of infection. Uncheck dirty tampon on outfits.
  5. @qwe123qweqweqwe That's just for support race specific impregnation chance. You can turn off anytime. But you should reload the save.
  6. @nugerumon Maybe i should add null checks on every pawns Cum decay ratio setting effects every fluids in womb. Also blood is included. Currently, bleeding amount can be adjusted indirectly via bleedingIntervalDays in vagina comp properties.
  7. @qwe123qweqweqwe That's not a bug. But after click it and stuck is a bug. Dragon vagina is one of supported vagina. So, animal cycle option is turned on, then they have menstruation and button. The reason of they don't get pregnant is just their's vagina has low chance of pregnancy.(Dragon vagina has half of chance of human vagina) I recommend turn off the animal cycle option until animal cycle be stable.
  8. Breeding works well with unsupported vaginas. They work same as without this mod. Menstruation and information gui don't work with unsupported vaginas. @the0fromnexus@amrolee I changed that null checks to try-catch. They won't throw exceptions. But i have a problem to reenact that situation, so i'm not sure that problem was completely fixed.
  9. Please attach error code in debug log. I cannot find where the problem is with that description. Sure, thank you.
  10. After Version You can add custom fetus images from copy&paste and modifying these. That's because the pawn who cummed before has been removed(usually RuntimeGC does). It won't be a big problem. Don't mind it.
  11. That case, you can make override mod for that. Just create new folder and make About.xml, then copy xml files what you modified. It's just additional mood debuff for cumming inside. I just want to add more mood debuffs to vaginal sex without condom for female Stacking apparels requires to change entire jobdriver_wear. So, i just leave it. I suggest use deep storage mode for that alternatively. Pawns change tampons and pads themselves in my game. Are there new tampons in stockpile zone? They must in stockpile zone for that.
  12. That's because synthread is quite expensive fabric in rimworld. It's law material value is $40. The mood debuffs will be added soon.
  13. I think adjusting vulnerability stat is not proper to adjust sex drive. Instead, i will decrease satisfaction debuff and set sex need for it. This mod is already 1.2. No, It won't.
  14. Oh, i missed it. I will fix it soon.
  15. That's RJW's error code. Not this mod.
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