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  1. Sucks. Played everyday for months, not spending any stones or tickets just waiting for an event with Kanna and one other girl. Dropped 200 tickets and 250k stones and got absolutely nothing. What a waste of time and energy. Fuck rng and fuck this game, I'm done.
  2. Is there anyway to unlock the girls without getting an ssr. Spent months saving gems , do over 400 draws and didn't get a single ssr. Seriously annoyed and I can't be bothered to play the bullshit rng game anymore.
  3. Got a texture bug with the Atelier Ryza skins (steam version). Anyone know what the problem is here?
  4. Not working for me. Holes in the chest and the clothing parts aren't removed. What Am I doing wrong here?
  5. In Blender select all the vertices of the mesh and press 'remove doubles' to get rid of those seam lines.
  6. Thanks but I'm not sure if .wmv is the right format. Crashing when entering the owners room.
  7. Is there a way to swap out the video that plays on the screen in the owners room? I can't locate the file.
  8. The game is not available in western regions anymore. You can still play it on steam if you download it using a vpn.
  9. Great work. How did you managed to edit the nude body without it becoming warped? Do you have to manually rebuild the weights?
  10. Select the vertices and hit 'remove doubles'.
  11. Thanks to 用户名623 for the bikinis. Mai Kula Tan.rar
  12. If Mai and Kula had bikinis I would.
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