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  1. They all seem to be working for me.
  2. There are 3 different body types. Common - most girls Honoka type - Honoka/Luna/Sayuri Marie type - Marie/Nagisa/Kanna Not all mods are made for all body types.
  3. Attatched. Mar Har Edit.7z
  4. Thanks for the help but it's still not working. Tried the d3dx.ini and 3dfix you linked and also the 3dfix update on the mod manager with a clean install and no other mods. Problem may be with my gpu settings but I don't have the same issue with vanilla outfits that have transparency and I updated my graphics driver. I'm out of ideas here.
  5. Yeah, I suspect it's either my 3dmigoto(3dFix), d3dx.ini or graphics drivers. Could you post your 3dmigoto(3dFix) and d3dx.ini files for me to test please.
  6. I have a problem with transparency on your outfits. The panties (and other clothes) become invisible when viewed from certain angles through transparent cloth.
  7. TMC Object Tool 0.27.1.zip
  8. Try this. - Open the Christie tmc file with the object tool. - set all the tex files (tex1, tex2, tex3 and tex4) for WGT_BODY_12 to 0 - save and replace
  9. Probably Conflicting with knight77s mod 'SSR Event School Heaven'.
  10. Minazuki's mod v1.0 not working for me on steam, using 3dfix 2.31.
  11. Does the casino actually offer fair odds or is it rigged? Maybe I'm just incredibly unlucky but I've played about 15 hands and not won once. Get dealt 12-16 every time while the dealers constantly flips 20's and 21's.
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