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  1. Could a Modder create this costume for The Sims 3? Please
  2. how to create a futanari with KW in the sims 3
  3. is there how to configure KW so that sims accept to make sex easier?
  4. Does anyone have a clothing link similar to these for The Sims 3
  5. I want to make a request for those who know how to create looks for sims 3... Create this female and male outfft please
  6. does anyone have a costume or a skin similar to this?? for The Sims 3
  7. Is there a mod that adds stuff from The Sims 4 robotics career to The Sims 3? ... If yes, send the link
  8. Does anyone have a clothing to accessory link?
  9. does anyone have this outfit for The Sims 3... She would be a beautiful Plumbot (◠‿◕)
  10. does anyone have a link to this lot??
  11. did it work, only works with accessories or also works with clothes? I didn't test it
  12. Eu fiz tudo, mas ainda vai para o bot CAS
  13. I tried to do what you said but it didn't work
  14. there's a question... how do I put the accessory on Plumbot?
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