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  1. I want to make a request for those who know how to create looks for sims 3... Create this female and male outfft please
  2. does anyone have a costume or a skin similar to this?? for The Sims 3
  3. Is there a mod that adds stuff from The Sims 4 robotics career to The Sims 3? ... If yes, send the link
  4. Does anyone have a clothing to accessory link?
  5. does anyone have this outfit for The Sims 3... She would be a beautiful Plumbot (◠‿◕)
  6. did it work, only works with accessories or also works with clothes? I didn't test it
  7. Eu fiz tudo, mas ainda vai para o bot CAS
  8. I tried to do what you said but it didn't work
  9. there's a question... how do I put the accessory on Plumbot?
  10. It's funny that yesterday I managed to create a plumbot without using KW or NRaas... then I go to the site today and I see that you created a similar plumbot
  11. thought it was a plumbot again
  12. Does anyone have a working link or a file...
  13. does anyone have a decor people link in that position or it seems...
  14. it wasn't what I wanted... I wanted a download link
  15. does anyone have functional mannequin link for The Sims 3??
  16. no method works all leads to CAS bot...
  17. the old method with Nraas doesn't work for me... always goes to CAS Plumbot and not normal CAS
  18. have a new method to create a Plumbot using NRAAS??
  19. how does a droid in Kinky World??
  20. I thought it was a Plumbot I was getting happy... I come here every day to see if there are new Plumbots
  21. e um plumbot, mais ou menos parecido com o seu ... I also downloaded others that I found there...
  22. Does anyone have a working link to this Plumbot?
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