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  1. Thank you tyaonyan for your kind and detailed explanations! Finally I can enjoy your great mod now!! Your mods are really impressive!!!
  2. Let me confirm how to install "Orchid remake_V3.5"? It works similar to "White Lace Nude", I should copy whole Orchid remake_V3.5 folder into Mods\Costumes folder, is that right? I cannot see any change with the mod when I press F2 with the girl wearing Orchid although I can see a nude if the girl wears びわ/Loquat costume.
  3. Does anybody know appropriate setting to save dds file using photoshop CS6 with NVIDIA Texture tools exporter? I tried saving my dds file with setting shown in attached jpg but the different color skin was appeared when I applied the skin texture. I really appreciate if you guys know correct setting to save dds file. Thanks,
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