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  1. IIRC, the NiOverride guys haven't gotten face overlays to work in SE yet. Only body/hand/feet overlays. So we'll just have to wait until then.
  2. OTC

    M.C.G. for Skyrim LE

    Hey fellas, lurker here. Just wanted to report that this mod seems to be working perfectly fine with Skyrim Special Edition, even unconverted! @anghelos92, SE has a new method of handling .bsa files, so trying to load .bsa files created in LE/CK32 will cause SE/CK64 to crash. The fix is very simple, however. You just have to unpack the .bsa to the /Skyrim/Data directory (so all the files are loose), and delete the original .bsa so SE/CK64 doesn't try to load them. Also, if you find yourself unable to compile scripts in CK64: Bethesda in their infinite wisdom changed the scripts file structure from /Scripts/Source to /Source/Scripts. Yeah, I don't know why, either. Anyway, in order to compile scripts in CK64, the folders need to be set up as /Skyrim/Data/Source/Scripts with all the source .psc files in /Scripts. Another simple fix. Here's a handy post if you want more info: https://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/topic/4633-skyrim-se-things-to-know-when-converting-standard-mods-to-sse/ Written by the legendary old grognard Arthmoor (Creator of "Alternate Start--Live Another Life" and "Cutting Room Floor"), so you know it's good info. Let me know if you're able to get your mod converted! I'll stress again, the mod is working in SE even without conversion, so I haven't converted it myself yet (my potato PC takes forever to load CK64 and I'm too lazy lol). I also want to help @anghelos92convert the mod on his own rig, so he doesn't have to rely on lazy old me or anyone else to do it. If a day or two passes and @anghelos92hasn't shown up, or is unable to convert it, I'll attempt a conversion myself and report my results. EDIT: Bad news. I tried to convert the mod myself in CK64, but CK seems to consistently crash on me during the load process for whatever reason. I'd like to ask somebody else to try a conversion, though--It might be that my computer is simply too weak to handle it. The mod seems to load all the files, albeit very slowly, but eventually crashes while initializing references. Luckily, the mod seems to work fine on SE without conversion. If you're willing to take a chance that maybe something goes wrong and borks your SE save, you should be able to just download and play the mod as long as you unpack the loose source files, and delete the .bsa after.
  3. I believe this is what you're looking for: IIRC this mod took the assets from PaintedLady and ported them into the SoS framework. Also @t3h0th3r, sorry for annoying you, but can you take a look at the meshes you uploaded and see if the BodyMorphs are working for you? They appear to be broken when morphing ingame with RaceMenu. Otherwise, if you don't want to do it, can you send us a tutorial or link to a tutorial so we can try to fix it ourselves?
  4. Thanks for the port! It works almost perfectly! Going to report one bug. When using in-game RaceMenu morphs, the meshes... break? Explode? It looks like a violent physics glitch, with meshes stretching everywhere (and tanking FPS). As long as you don't mess with the morphs in-game, there is no issue. Changing the shape in BodySlide is perfectly functional. Unfortunately, this makes the meshes unusable with any mod that changes BodyMorphs in-game (such as NPC body randomizers like BodyGen, or the numerous pregnancy mods). Otherwise, thanks again for the port!
  5. I seem to be encountering a major bug. During a defeat scenario, if I choose the "consensual" option (agree to sex) the sex scene itself bugs out entirely. Instead of animating, both characters just stand there for a few seconds, play some SexLab sounds, and then the scene simply ends. If I take the "non-consensual" option (try to fight back with the little minigame) the scene plays perfectly fine. Animations play properly. Anybody else having this issue?
  6. OTC


    Sorry for the necro. Alright, I've tried porting this mod over to Special Edition, but there appears to be a major issue with it. It seems to work fine in very small cells, but as soon as you step into the outside world of Skyrim for more than a minute, it breaks entirely. You can no longer access the arousal value of any actor, or even see them for that matter, and the MCM menus hang when you try to access either the "Main" or "Arousal" pages. I've tested it with as minimal a load order as possible (literally just this mod and its dependencies), and it still breaks. I poked through the scripts, and I can't tell if it's brilliant or completely insane. Possibly both. There's also virtually no commenting to speak of (the few that exist are in Russian or Ukranian or something), so trying to figure out what the hell is even going on is a nightmare. The only thing I'm sure about is that somehow, the way the actors are stored becomes corrupted. Whether it's a problem with this mod, JContainers, PapyrusUtil, or Special Edition itself, I can't say for certain. Special Edition seems to be wonky on my rig for some reason, though, so I have to figure out whether this is an issue only on my end. If anyone is even looking at this mod anymore, I'd greatly appreciate somebody testing it and confirming. Also, vpoteryaev, I beg of you, please come back and at least port the mod to Special Edition. You're the only one I can think of that would actually know what's going on. I've teared my hair out for days trying to figure out why this mod is breaking in SE, when it works perfectly fine in Oldrim. I fear this mod may be dead in the water otherwise, unless I somehow manage to figure out what the issue is, which will probably never happen on my own.
  7. OTC

    Secrets like Tentacles, Ever Deeper

    Great work! I always love it when someone contextualises the pictures with text. Makes it feel more "alive," somehow. (Though tbh, tentacles aren't really my thing, I'm painfully vanilla...) Just wanted to let you know that pretty much all of your pictures from previous blogs are now dead links. Don't know if that's just on my end, or if you want it to be that way, but I was hoping to take a gander at your previous work and I can't
  8. OTC

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Nice pics! What cum texture is that in the last picture?
  9. OTC

    [Unofficial] BodyGen - docs

    Makes sense. I was hoping for something that could preserve a smoother range (as this way it'll only switch between however many different sizes I choose to type down) but if there really isn't any other way, it'll do.
  10. OTC

    [Unofficial] BodyGen - docs

    Is there a way to use the same range of numbers for multiple different morphs? Say I want to make a simple bodygen template that randomizes breast size. I'd write something like this: BreastSize=Breasts@-1.0:1.0, BreastsSmall@-1.0:1.0 However, the range seems to be independently calculated for each morph, meaning I could possibly get a result of (for example) Breasts +1 and BreastsSmall -1, which results in visual weirdness. How would I write it so that both morphs use the same result from the same range? Would something like below work? BreastSize=Breasts,BreastsSmall@-1.0:1.0 Thanks for your time.
  11. Wow, thanks a ton for taking the time to find the original .psd file! Surprisingly, GIMP is able to open .psd files with seemingly no issues. GIMP may not be as intuitive as I remember Photoshop being, but I'm continually impressed with how much functionality they've managed to cram into what is still a completely free program. Hats off to those guys. In any case, your +12 years of experience far outweighs my complete lack of it. The best thing I've ever done in Photoshop was follow a tutorial to create a world map for my DnD group. (Shoutout to Cartographer'sGuild, lol.) Those UV maps in particular were a great idea, it never occurred to me to use them. A cursory comparison of the CBBE UVs and UNP's diffuse make it plain to see that CBBE and UNP's UV maps aren't compatible. Do you remember how you got them as a texture? I need to get UNP's UV maps, but I don't have any good 3D modeling programs on hand at the moment. I could probably download Blender if I really need to, but if there's some way I can just get the texture without having to I'd prefer that option. Never mind, found out how to do it in NifSkope. I'll try my hand at it when I get the time, and if I manage to make something passable I'll of course share it here. If it meets your standards you're free to throw it up on the main mod page, I'm sure all the other UNP users would enjoy using it. (Thanks for answering my P.S. about your dark elf character as well. It's too bad you don't remember, but seeing as you dabble in texture work I expected most of it to be your own personal kitbash anyway. Suppose I'll have to make do leeching off other people's talent for now, hahah.)
  12. Sorry for the delay! Hrm, I think I was exaggerating the situation when I said "obviously." It's not nearly as bad as I might have made it out to be. My apologies. The textures on the bum seem to be working pretty much as intended, and the face as well, especially since you're extremely limited by the fact the face and body use the same texture for whatever reason. (I still wish they'd find a way to change that, your facial textures are simply too good to ignore! Haha.) That would be swell if you could find them. I've already attempted to fix it myself in GIMP, but it's not very intuitive. The "pick everything but alpha" command in GIMP doesn't seem to work nearly as I remember it in Photoshop, the textures always come out faded for some reason. There doesn't appear to be a "smart select" function in GIMP either, so the only other way is to try and make the selection manually, and I'd really rather not do that. Sure thing. It's easier to show than to explain anyway, so I linked two female diffuse maps--one from CBBE, one from UUNP--with your textures pasted on to showcase the difference. You can see the misalignments particularly in the breast area and part of the inner vaginal area (not the textures on the crotch, they line up fine). The vaginal one seems easy enough to fix, but the breast area may be harder because UUNP textures appear to be skewed in comparison to their CBBE counterparts. I'll also link some terrible toaster-PC screenshots of the textures ingame. If you compare them especially to your screenshot from the mod page, you can see how stretched the breast area is in comparison. I'm using the completely default UUNP-UNP sliders (no hyperinflated tits-n-ass or anything.) Thank you for your quick response, I hope this helps! (P.S. I really like your dark elf from your screenshots, lol. Do you remember what mods you used for her? I've been thinking about switching over to CBBE because the BodySlide is way less glitchy, and I love the look you had in your screenshots.)
  13. Do you happen to have the original assets still on hand? I'm attempting to align them properly for UNP in GIMP (when comparing your screenshots to the ingame results on a UNP body it's quite obvious there are misalignments), but it's really tedious to do when I have to edit it via an entire layer instead of just transforming the pieces themselves.
  14. OTC

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Perfectly understandable. The texture has always been extremely stretched in the vagina mesh for whatever reason; for what it's worth, it looks pretty much the same on my end as well. However, i can still see that there is in fact a texture inside, especially from your previous picture (the one from directly below). You can make out the folds and the texture darkens where the vaginal canal is supposed to be. If there really was no texture, the whole thing would be completely smooth and either black or brown (depending on the original texture's background colour). I wouldn't be surprised if Leyenda is using the 4k version of her textures. I've never used 4k textures (my poor toaster of a computer doesn't have the VRAM to handle it), but if your rig can handle them, try them out and see if it looks closer to what you want.
  15. OTC

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Judging by those pictures you're definitely not missing textures. That looks like a perfectly fine vagina to me! I think the textures and meshes from those other pictures are simply different from yours. I know this mod includes a variant of UUNP that has a different vagina mesh and more textures, perhaps they're using those instead? (It's referred to as Chinese UUNP Body, I think.)