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  1. SexLab Framework Development

    Nope, the SOURCE code is in the *.PSC files which are in Data\Scripts\Source\. No, it's not. I mean, yes it technically is, but as I said in my post, it's literally one line of a function declaration that calls a global native function. Case in point here: int function CalcEnjoyment(float[] XP, float[] SkillsAmounts, bool IsLeadin, bool IsFemaleActor, float Timer, int OnStage, int MaxStage) global native That's literally all it is. No function body or anything, it's a global native function which the creation kit wiki describes as a "function located in the game itself," so I'm assuming it's referring to a function included in one of the provided .dll files in the SexLab Framework directory (since it would be hilarious but weird if it was located in vanilla Skyrim). CalcEnjoyment shows up exactly two times in sslActorAlias.psc, and the only other time is when it's invoked during the main script loop to return how much enjoyment the character(s) should have. I admit, I'm terrible with Papyrus, but I'm pretty sure nobody except Ashal could describe how CalcEnjoyment produces its value from that one line alone. The function _SeedActor is the same. It is declared in a single line in sslActorStats: function _SeedActor(Actor ActorRef, float RealTime, float GameTime) global native Perhaps I should be more clear here. What I'm asking is what those two functions represent. They both produce a value--what is that value and how is it produced? Specifically, what formula does CalcEnjoyment use to decide how much enjoyment a character gets per script fire, and how large is the range of random numbers that _SeedActor can generate its values in?
  2. SexLab Framework Development

    Is there a way to view what the formula used for CalcEnjoyment and _SeedActor is? I'm interested in seeing how they get the values they do (and maybe fiddling around with it a bit), but there's only one declaration of each in the source and they're both native functions without a body (so I can only see what parameters they use, not how they use said parameters). I'm assuming the code is located in one of the .dll files, so I understand if for whatever reason you'd like it to remain private, but I'd love to at least have a vague understanding of what the formulas are--even if so I only know somewhat how they factor into the game. Some notes: The NPC skill seeding seems to be borked. It regularly results in nearly all NPCs being Master or Grandmaster level in all skills because it doesn't seem to have a reasonable range in which it generates its random numbers. I'm not sure what number values exactly correlate to someone being, for example, Journeyman instead of Grandmaster, but according to what SL Stats Manipulator tells me, the range is something like 20-ish per "skill tier" and the values generated for the NPCS are usually way over 150+, which is apparently above Grandmaster level. If it means anything, my #1 main objective when dealing with the CalcEnjoyment formula is to alter it so that actors can last longer based upon their own skill/experience, rather than the current system where enjoyment is only based on the opposing partner's stats. The current system makes any mod that wants to introduce game mechanics that play around with the enjoyment value problematic--if your character immediately orgasms on the second animation stage by Vaginal Grandmaster Lydia or something and there's nothing you can do about it, it makes a minigame based on something like edging, or making your partner orgasm before you, a rather futile endeavour. Hell, SL Separate Orgasms had to force its own system in Papyrus just to get their sex minigame working. If what I ask is actually possible via Papyrus, I'd love to know! Irrelevant question below:
  3. The COS or CBBE version was just an experiment I thought of a month ago, it's without a version and separate from the main file. I have attempted to port over these labia to a CBBE mesh before, but the main problem is the CBBE body texture needs modification to support UUNP's labia texture (UnpVagina). Using only NifSkope to edit the UV map is rather challenging and tedious. I would probably need someone to volunteer some time to fix the UV. EDIT: Never mind, I got it working as well. However, just for posterity's sake, do the BodySlide-generated files (femalebody_0.nif, femalebody_1.nif, femalebody.tri) need to be inside "meshes/character/character assets" or "meshes/character/Labia" ? (I copied all three files and put them in both folders, and that is how I got the UUNP sliders to work again.) Hmm. Using 1.73 UUNP version, and I'm getting Airee's previous issue now. The in-game RaceMenu UUNP sliders are not working, but only for a fully naked main body (i.e. no armour/chest pieces). The sliders are working fine as long as my character is wearing clothing, so it doesn't seem to be a RaceMenu issue. This is a recent bug. I didn't have this problem with previous versions (pre-1.6 if I recall correctly). @randomuser777, do you mind checking if the femalebody.tri files are being generated properly? (I'm using Mod Organizer, if that's relevant.)
  4. I have the same problem. That issue seems to be present from the original SexLab Squirt Reborn mod, and seems to be a weird behaviour related to dynamically removing items from inventories (you'll also often see it in the form of NPCs reequipping shields that you removed from their inventory via console). I'm looking into it--even though SLSR is abandoned, the original mod author had some ideas to fix it and I'm hoping they're still around to respond. In the meantime, turning the multiple orgasms chance in SLSO to 0 should be a sufficient stopgap, since the bug only appears when a character has two or more orgasms in rapid succession (as the script removes the squirt "armour" and reequips it).
  5. SexLab Squirt Reborn

    Not a complete rebuild. For the most part it would just require opening up P71_SlSqR_OrgasmMagic.psc, replacing all EquipItem() calls with AddSpell() calls and all relevant UnequipItem() calls with RemoveSpell() calls than recompiling. The rest would be purely CK work. Actually, now that I'm looking a the source code, it seems I already have everything mostly in place to handle MagicEffect based squirts so long as they are implmented as Abilities. P71_SlSqR_OrgasmMagic.AddEffect() just needs to be edited to look like this: and P71_SlSqR_OrgasmMagic.DoTimedSquirt() need to be tweeked to look like this: It looks like the MCM is already set up to handle non-armor based effects so that should pretty much be it. If your interested it might be worth doing a complete reinstall of the CK and see if that helps with your compiler problems. Heyo, I'm willing to put in the grunt effort to get the squirts to work as a MagicEffect. Can you just let me know what needs to be changed in the CK? EDIT: Checking in the CK, there appears to be a MagicEffect for one of the squirts called "SlSqtGush01Eft," used by the spell "SlSqGush01Spell." Is this an example of what converting all the items to MagicEffect instead of Armour would look like? EDIT 2: Alright, I've been able to throw your premade "SlsqGush01Spell" into the Formlist, and it's showing up in the MCM menu. In addition, your code you supplied appears to be firing properly--I threw in some debug messages that only trigger when the mod applies a kObj that is a spell, and by all accounts the mod is recognizing the new spell as indeed a spell and not an armour piece. However, there is currently no effect being shown for some reason. Will have to investigate. Also, in the AddEffect codeblock you supplied, Papyrus will only compile it if you write it as such: Form Function AddEffect(Actor akActor, FormList akActiveList, Float afStart) ; Helper Function Form kObj = akActiveList.GetAt(Utility.RandomInt(0, akActiveList.GetSize() - 1)) kEfects[iFill] = kObj iFill += 1 If (kObj as Armor) ; snip ElseIf (kObj as Spell) akActor.AddSpell(kObj as Spell) ; only compiles if "kObk as Spell) is the argument Debug.MessageBox("Adding Spell Effect!") ; just one of my crappy debug messageboxes EndIf Return kObj EndFunction
  6. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Thanks I replied to your PM. Hey, sorry for the late reply, but is it possible I could get a copy too? She looks really nice, I'd love to have a preset to use in my own game. Can somebody say "Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon?" I literally just learned about Berserk a week ago and finished reading all the released volumes yesterday. My love for that manga is like a truck... ber-serrr-kerrrrr.... (Well, to be fair, I'm a little less than impressed with the direction the tone and story seem to be taking, especially after the near-flawlessness of the Golden Age Arc (and to a lesser extent, the Conviction Arc), but now I'm in the same boat as everyone else anyway and am foaming at the mouth for new volumes. Or perhaps I should say, we're off the boat now. Finally...) Anyway, I shouldn't be writing stuff like this in this thread, so. Just wanted to say I love your stuff, always enjoy seeing it when it crops up on here time-to-time. Good story is right up my alley, and good smut is always a welcome bonus too. Also you have good taste in manga.
  7. Gotta watch out for those fowl chickens... if you're not careful, they'll sneak up behind and butt-cluck you!
  8. I think you're onto something because I do only add the CurrentFollowerFaction, and I deleted the PotentialFollowerFaction from the NPC records because I didn't want other mods/behaviors (like RDO, AFT, etc.) triggering on it before it was time. I think if I just add both factions that might solve the problem. Back to testing . . . BTW - the "Do me a favor" dialogue is supposed to trigger a sex scene. I'll investigate why it's not as soon as I can find where I put it among all of the other piles of dialogue! [Edit]: Ah-ha! "Do me a favor" was my sole excursion into the favor dialogue tab (which is why I misplaced it). It had broken its sex scene menu link at some point, but is now repaired and this will be active with my impending patch. Also altering the FollowerFaction script to add both and see what happens. ​[Edit 2]: Oh yeah, I forgot you can't dialogue link a favor dialogue, all you can do is embed a script. Since this lives separate from the other dialogue, I had forgotten to change the name of it so it's missing from the .zip package. I can't do a menu from here, but I can trigger a random sex act. Any opinions on what that should be? Right now I have the following tags in that script: If SexLab.GetGender(SexLab.PlayerRef) == 0 ok = "FM" ko = "Zaz,Footjob,Vaginal,Anal,Spanking,Kissing,Aggressive,Cunnilingus,3jiou,Foreplay,Furniture" ElseIf SexLab.GetGender(SexLab.PlayerRef) == 1 sexActors[0] = SexLab.PlayerRef sexActors[1] = akSpeaker ok = "FF" ko = "Zaz,FM,Tribadism,Breastfeeding" EndIf Glad to have helped in any little way I could. Although, adding the NPC via RDO into the player follower faction didn't help, so I'm not sure that adding it in the CK would help, either. Perhaps check to see if the dialogue is not routing somewhere it isn't supposed to be? Also, what's the reason you can't you dialogue link the favour dialogue? Is it because it's an entirely separate tree from the other dialogue trees? It would be great to be able to choose (yay choices!), although I understand if it just simply isn't possible. In the case you can't find a solution, would you be able to tie it to relationshiprank instead, to make it semi-random? For a quick example, Oral only if you weren't especially friendly during the rescue but at least didn't abuse them (level 1 RR), anal/dirty if you acted decent but debauched, such as asking her to "show gratitude" after freeing her (level 2 RR), vaginal/loving if you were quite the chivalrous fellow (level 3/4 RR), etc. At least that way it's tied to your choices during the rescue?
  9. Good to hear! (Well, not good, but consistency's a great sign when looking for bugs, haha.) I think I found something, I'll write it to BlackbirdWanderer below. Yup, awesome tool, but I tried to clean my save and apparently there's no orphan scripts running. I'm quite surprised, normally there's at least a few even just due to buggy Bethesda coding... I'm hoping it means my save is still of some use to you! Anyways, I found something important. According to RDO's MCM, this particular follower (she's Daloma btw) is not actually in the potential follower faction. Adding her to it and recruiting her via RDO's follower dialogue ("Follow me, I need your help") results in perfectly fine follower behaviour. (She even has a "How about doing me a little favour?" dialogue option which seems added from your mod, although it doesn't appear to do anything; she'll respond "Hmm . . . I suppose you deserve it, after all." and then nothing happens. I believe someone else reported this earlier?) However, when I try recruiting her via your mod-added dialogue, even if I have added her to the potential follower faction via RDO, that's when the issues occur. I have a hunch what I said before might be true, and for some reason there's an issue in the follower system. I'm going to try to find the other NPC in Falkreath (hopefully she's there!) who used the "FemaleNord" voicetype and see if she has the same issues. In any case, it might be useful for you to check your NPC records and make sure they're also properly added into the potential follower faction along with CurrentFollowerFaction, so there's no fighting in the game whether or not the NPC should be able to follow the player. EDIT: I was half-wrong. Tried it on Erna (she uses the FemaleNord voicetype), same problems exist. So it's definitely not that. Increasing Erna's relationshiprank with the play through the console didn't seem to do anything either (although I got the "How about you do me a little favour?" dialogue even though she wasn't recruited as a follower, and it still doesn't seem to trigger anything). It definitely seems that using your follower dialogue option results in a buggy follower system with RDO, and no follower system without RDO. I'm not sure why it would, if all you're doing is putting the NPC in the CurrentFollowerFaction (I'm sure that's how it's done with vanilla NPCs as well...)
  10. Huh. My script is a simple one-line that does nothing beyond add the NPC to the Current Follower Faction, then the rest of the game takes it from there. akSpeaker.AddToFaction(CurrentFollowerFaction) I don't think Immersive or RDO would cause a conflict. Do you use AFT as a follower manager? That might actually help. Or it could be that the sandbox AI behavior is overriding the follow AI behavior. It bears investigating. [Edit]: I just checked and all AI Package Overrides are cleared when the captive gets to the destination, so it's not an AI conflict. Once they're hanging out at their destination, they're very much a blank slate so I'm guessing the conflict is from something else you've got running. Let me try a couple of things in my test environment and I'll get back to you. Thanks for the quick response! I can confirm, there's some weirdness going on with RDO. Forcing the NPC through RDO's MCM menu to not be affected by the changes results in a different outcome--after "recruiting" her, she simply continues sandboxing in the Bannered Mare and I can no longer use any dialogue options with her (she will just respond with stock responses such as "yes?" and "what is it?") I also turned off Immersive Citizens but it didn't seem to do anything. I'm not surprised, it shouldn't be affecting the sandboxes as its routines should be lower priority than anything in the CurrentFollowerFaction. I'm not certain if it's an issue on your end, especially if you only added one script to add them to the CurrentFollowerFaction. My idea is this: 1. This particular NPC happened to spawn with a voicetype that, actually, I don't believe any followers use in the base game (FemaleCommoner). It may very well be that this follower on a completely unmodded game would simply not work (I'll try this later). 2. However, RDO adds a lot of new dialogue which essentially allows every single NPC in the game to be recruited and have vanilla-voiced dialogue. 3. I'm not sure, but perhaps RDO has its own system of dealing with follower recruiting and behaviour, in which case, there could certainly be a clash (RDO dialogue trying to trigger vanilla responses that don't actually exist, or vice versa, instead of the follower working in wholly vanilla or wholly RDO follower systems.) I'll investigate this further and see if I can find anything useful. Either way, it's not clear whether this is even a problem on your end, but just in case, maybe check to see if your followers can be recruited on a nearly unmodded game? Thanks again for the help! Try it on a new game because I remember I had a game that had alot of stack dumps from poorly modding my game and for some reason I couldn't recruit of dismiss followers so I had to start a new save. Hm. That sounds painful to do (muh game progress!) but it might be necessary. If I can't figure out what's going on in my current save, I'll take the nuclear option and do this.
  11. Awesome mod idea. Hope it gets off the ground! Currently experiencing a bug. After meeting one of your NPCs back in the city after rescuing them (Bannered Mare in this case) I ask them to follow me and get dialogue in response ("For you, anything"), but she does not actually follow. She instead will sandbox around the Bannered Mare as usual. I still have a few follower-centric dialogue options (Wait here, Trade Items, Do something for me, It is time to part ways), and the NPC will appear to respond, but nothing will happen. Dismissing does not appear to do anything, either. I have two mods running right now that may be causing an issue--Immersive Citizens and Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. Apart from that, I'm not quite sure at the moment what could be the cause.
  12. SexLab Pleasure

    Great mod. Is it possible to make an Amorous Adventures and/or SexLab Solutions version, which simply removes the checks that are provided by those mods? The only reason I ask is because to give an example, Camilla Valerius has 3 sexual dialogue options from 3 different mods, which "clash" with Amorous Adventures as AA's plot for Camilla is clearly meant to "reward" sex after finishing the "love triangle" and "returning the golden claw" quests. Although it's perfectly reasonable to just ignore the options that wouldn't follow the proper progression, it's still a little thorn in my side to have a bunch of dialogue options permanently in the list that I know I shouldn't be using. Otherwise the mod works perfectly! Although, is the Adrianne option only available during her "sword delivery quest?" Not that I'm complaining--Amorous Adventures has a questline including her.
  13. SexLab Vanilla Voices

    I've tracked this thread in hopes that you would one day return. Really hope you find someone that can help you make it a bit more stable. Hope so too I'll admit though, that I wrote a lot of hyperbole (because I was just glad to have finally gotten something done after nearly two years). Yes, I still think my code is, uh, inelegant, but despite what I may have implied, it's not going to cause any crashes, should not impact performance, and should not ruin Sexlab functionality itself as it does not touch most of the core functionality. (In theory, anyway. Skyrim's just like that, but at the very least it works on my own rig without crashes.) The problem is that it's a direct modification of both a core SexLab script (sslVoiceSlots) and one of the quests in SexLab.esm itself--something that goes against base instincts as a coder, as it can very likely make it incompatible with future versions of SexLab. Also, because I just find it distasteful to modify the framework itself. After all, if you want to add a pillow to your chair, you shouldn't be carving a hole into the chair to do it, right? From what I've seen, though, because of the way CK handles properties, there's no way to make the script understand what the hell I'm talking about when the script checks for "VoiceType FemaleYoungEager" unless I link it directly in the CK. Which means editing the .esm itself, which I really don't enjoy doing. (On a sidenote, I haven't added checks for Frea or Serana because that would have made SexLab dependent on Dawnguard and Dragonborn as well. Also, the little fact that CK kept crashing when I tried to load them, heh.) On the other hand, SexLab hasn't been updated in over a year and from all accounts is nearing "release build status" anyway, so maybe it's just an unnecessary gripe. TO ANY COURAGEOUS MODDERS OUT THERE (or if you use Mod Manager): I'm uploading what I've got here. Test it out and let me know if it works. If you're using ModManager: install as a new mod, there is no need to overwrite your original SexLab directory. I've made a new SexLab .esp rather than editing the master file directly, but please don't save any valuable savefiles with it installed until we know it's safe to remove. Also, I'm including the source code I made, so if you want to make your own changes and improvements be my guest! SexLabAutoVanillaVoices.7z
  14. SexLab Vanilla Voices

    News for everyone! I didn't die, it seems! I managed to make a... something that appears to actually work! That something being a modification to the script that automatically assigns voices based on the character's VoiceType! Each time you start a new scene with a character that hasn't already had a voice assigned to them, their SexLab voice will automatically be set to match the correct voice based on their FormList VoiceType. So, all those FemaleYoungEager characters should automatically have the proper FemaleYoungEager SexLab voice saved to them, with no need to take yourself out of the moment by opening up the SexLab MCM menu! It only took me nearly two years to get around to... but I did it. Kinda. There's a catch. I have to admit this is the most hacked-together, hardcoded, gimpy piece of code I have ever created in my life. Seeing as the SexLab developer documentation is still offline (Ashal please put it back up, I'm begging you, I'll do anything), and I'm not very comfortable with Papyrus and the CK to begin with, what I've come up with is a Frankensteinian horror that, while functional, is extremely inelegant--I've literally edited the source code, important SexLab quests, and even had to create a dummy SexLab .esm to do this, because I just couldn't figure out how to get it working in any other way. I desperately need somebody actually competent to come and help me make this into something less hilariously bad. Because of this, I'm hesitant to release the work. Not because I don't want to (I really do), but because I can only guarantee it works on my machine, especially in the way I've written the code. I'm very afraid that it'll bork up everyone else's pristine SexLab installations for reasons I'd have a hard time finding out. If anyone wants to try it out, though, I'll upload what I have. If anybody reading this is experienced with Papyrus scripting and is willing to make an actual quality product out of my work, just let me know.
  15. As Badcock said earlier in the thread, it's an oversight in the game engine itself that we unfortunately cannot fix through a script. I've spent the last day trying to figure it out--it seems that the scripting function used to update hair colours only works on the player character, and nobody else. There's no problem finding out what the hair colour of an NPC is, but there simply isn't a way to force it to visually update along with the player (or maybe the function's just broken, certainly wouldn't surprise me). As far as I've been able to tell, I haven't found a single mod that's been able to dynamically update an NPC's hair colour through a script in-game, so it's definitely been tried before, and we're definitely not the only ones with the same problem. Maybe if we ask the SKSE guys nicely, they could take a look at it--SKSE's the reason I can even check hair colours through a script, after all--but seeing how long it's been taking to port the original SKSE over to the Special Edition, they are probably busy with IRL things right now. Tl;DR Unfortunately, not. Maybe one day if SKSE makes it possible.