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  1. TLDR: I've no clue what's going on. This is my 1st go at modding FO4 and it's a literal mess. So I did what was told by many guides by linking F4SE to Vortex, tossing the f4se launcher to the main folder of FO4 and still I'm getting [079] Error which I have no clue what's causing AAF to fail let alone Sex Em Up. I'm just confused af right now. Even modding Skyrim and Sims 4 ain't that braincracking... PS: Every other thing works like clothes, guns, extra missions, EVERYTHING. Just couldn't get AAF and SEU to work. Need help. Much appreciated.
  2. Furnis is just short-form for "furnitures". You know, Habbo lingo. You mean having your sim asking them for sex? No. For them to ask you? Absolutely. However, to increase the chances of them asking you, you can check your settings. I think you can increase the rate of them asking you for it. However, it's also down to how much the attractiveness your sim is to them and other factors like your perks and such.
  3. Do you have a MCCC? If you do, it would help to post what mods you have in your mods folder using MCCC.
  4. Autonomy is just a by-word for Sims to have sex automatically between themselves ie: NPC to NPC. If you want to have sex with certain Sims, you can manually try it on furnis or even try option called "Make a Move". If it's not there then some of the mods and CC that you have must be conflicting with it.
  5. If you have MCCC, it will tell you have duplicates you have if it throws back an exception. Even if it tells you "0 duplicate", it would list the entire mods in box graph format which makes it easy to read. Just abuse the MCCC. It's a great tool to use.
  6. What Crash said. Some of the items in the AEP studio pack requires DLC so if you don't have the DLC, you can't get it to work. If I remember correctly, what you need for it to work is the Get Famous pack as that gives you the photo booth, the makeup chair and the standing clothes change pedestal. If you have the DLC but when placing the lot and things are missing, it might be glitched. Just bulldoze the lot and before you place it down again, open console with Ctrl + Shift + C then type in bb.moveobjects and place it down again. If it STILL tells you there's an error, try to do what Crash said and just add in the items in yourself. There will be a list on the left hand side which tells you what essential items is needed for the studio to work with the number of items there also. Just find the items in build mode, plop it down and it should work.
  7. What... Do you mean? It's supposed to only have one .package file isn't it? Just toss that to your mod folder and that should do it. Wdym "Automatically unpack"?
  8. Did they switch it now? Damn... Used to not work at all without the stupid mod. I'm actually surprised...
  9. I have exception tossed back to me once with the Pornstar career too but I rose up the ranks after that and never got subsequent ones. Just do what the task tells you to and just like normal job, get to the jobsite with a positive mental attitude ie: Happy. What I personally find it to be the best mood for that career path and, no joke, is the Flirty moodlet. So, get flirty with your sim before sending them off to work and if you have CinErotiq, even easier.
  10. To find AEP, it's in the Gallery. Make sure you've tossed the tray files in your Tray folder and subsequent mods in the Mods folder when you install AEP Pornography. Once you go to the Gallery option on the top right, there's a tab on the left side. Click "Custom Content" and it should do a auto refresh and the studio would appear. To place it down, you don't need any extra mods outside of WW. You'll have to use "bb.moveobjects" cheat in the console panel to be able to rotate or place the lot so that it works somewhat reliably. HOWEVER, to even have the console, you'll need to install a .package file (Basically an unlock mod) to "unlock" the console. Just google "Sims 4 Cheats" and find the website sims-online.com. There will be a link for you to install the console and once you're done, do it as always. Store it in your Mods folder, enter the game and you're done. You can use the bb.moveobjects command and place the studio down.
  11. Yea your Wicked Perversions is out of date. NisaK has a new one. Update it.
  12. You mean the Pornstar career path? There is progression. Just do the task they tell you to do and it will rise. Both the AdultWorld.net and phototaking session won't add up to the progression towards the Pornstar job career, just treat it as a side activity that could up your fame and fortunes because each phototaking session is about 1,500 simoleons earned.
  13. Ok so from what I can see, you have a Zip folder called Ariel Star.zip under the \Mods\Hair folder. Might need to remove that or at least unpack that. It might be one of the factors clashing with it. Also, once you unpack it or remove it, delete your localthumbscache.package then launch the game. If it still fails, remove ANY OTHER FOLDER EXCEPT WW and animations. Then repeat the localthumbscache.package removal and then test the game again WITH A NEW CHARACTER and DON'T SAVE. If it works with just WW and animations, repeat process and slowly toss in folder one by one and repeat the steps again.
  14. Mate don't toss everything in at one go. Remove others and only leave in your animations and WW then run it first. If that doesn't reject you, follow up by tossing one folder into the main Mods folder and keep repeating the step. Delete localthumbcache.package > Start game > Test > Quit without saving > Throw in new file > Delete localthumbcache.package > Repeat steps till error pops up again. You're not doing yourself any favors if you keep tossing all the files in at one go as it just confuses yourself on which file is rejecting the codes.
  15. Try deleting your localthumbcache.package in your main Sims 4 folder with just WW and animations. Sometimes, the cache just saves the old files and din't register with the new mods you've either remove or added so when you log in and boots the game, it confuses itself thus try to delete that cache package file, load the game again and see if it works. ALWAYS do that when you modify folders ie: add or remove mods.
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