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    Graphite Art, Sketch Art, Inking, Pin-up Art (in Graphite), Computer Hardware (still Learning), Shitty modding (I can get simple things going). I enjoy reading contracts, following litagations, ancient history mainly about the barbaric tribe of europe and Rome, I especially like the Macromanni clan and the Gauls. Mythology is great reading too.
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    I am a graphite artist, I also do sketch art which is the same as the first but with ball point pen I am nooby at it though, Inking is something I am trying to learn but I keep breaking Nibs. I am a computer hard ware Tech I build my own rig just dont ask what Parts as I just see stats and work by trial an error my rig currently is dead and I am forced to use my alien ware area 51 x2 and it is sadly under powered. I do mod but I am too ashamed to put it on here or anywhere as I am shit mainly stats, weapon stats, conversions to cbbe, stellaris mods, or loading screens. I want to do armor but my brain cant handle the complexity. I started Drawing and sketching due to two artist I adore Brian Pulido (LAdy Death), and Joseph Michael Lisner (Dawn). These two were heros of mine and Lisner was what pushed it over the edge I Never really thought about art till I saw the love he Put into his work. I loved his work I bought every single comic in the Cry For Dawn series, and Angry Christ Comics. I was a console player since well the Dream Cast I am a 90's child, I also played at that time the only Zelda in the large cartridge nintendo trust me blowing into those was all the rage. I left console after the Ps-3 and the X-bone came out when I got wind that PC gaming had more freedom in terms of mods, and well Baulders gate. I played fallout, and fallout 2 when I was a kid loved them but sadly that was not enough for me to stay with PC though I did play OutPost 1-2 way too much. Now I see console as more of well its good for fighting game (love those) and watching DVD's. There is more but not like anyone will really read this.

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Other than being a pest, I do enjoy my video gaming, I work for the state as a part time case manager for DHHS, and as a HCW. I finished college with my bachelors but I am an Introvert (no Joke). I live in the mountains with 4 cats, 10 dogs, a horse, and a Evil Rubber duckie named McSquishers. I Collect firearms and of all sorts, my main weapon I use to chase off coyotes and the occasional brown bear is a KAR 98k standard no modifications or scope. I dont know what else to say other than I live in the mountains and yet I am not a redneck I just hate the city, and Nosy neighbors, who call the cops on me cause I am paranoid and despise neighborhood teens trying to break into my house. Cant blame me when I level my Mauser at you if your in my garage at 6 Pm making my rottweiler go crazy. They said oh your so violent Bollocks, and rubbish. But here is some of my art (its shit I know but I dont have much in life and this makes me feel just 2.34679901% better about myself.




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