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    Graphite Art, Sketch Art, Inking, Pin-up Art (in Graphite), Computer Hardware (still Learning), Shitty modding (I can get simple things going). I enjoy reading contracts, following litagations, ancient history mainly about the barbaric tribe of europe and Rome, I especially like the Macromanni clan and the Gauls. Mythology is great reading too.
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    I am a graphite artist, I also do sketch art which is the same as the first but with ball point pen I am nooby at it though, Inking is something I am trying to learn but I keep breaking Nibs. I am a computer hard ware Tech I build my own rig just dont ask what Parts as I just see stats and work by trial an error my rig currently is dead and I am forced to use my alien ware area 51 x2 and it is sadly under powered. I do mod but I am too ashamed to put it on here or anywhere as I am shit mainly stats, weapon stats, conversions to cbbe, stellaris mods, or loading screens. I want to do armor but my brain cant handle the complexity. I started Drawing and sketching due to two artist I adore Brian Pulido (LAdy Death), and Joseph Michael Lisner (Dawn). These two were heros of mine and Lisner was what pushed it over the edge I Never really thought about art till I saw the love he Put into his work. I loved his work I bought every single comic in the Cry For Dawn series, and Angry Christ Comics. I was a console player since well the Dream Cast I am a 90's child, I also played at that time the only Zelda in the large cartridge nintendo trust me blowing into those was all the rage. I left console after the Ps-3 and the X-bone came out when I got wind that PC gaming had more freedom in terms of mods, and well Baulders gate. I played fallout, and fallout 2 when I was a kid loved them but sadly that was not enough for me to stay with PC though I did play OutPost 1-2 way too much. Now I see console as more of well its good for fighting game (love those) and watching DVD's. There is more but not like anyone will really read this.

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  1. seriously new skin tone sliders, star wars junk. putting fresh paint on a cracked foundation is not going to fix anything. Feel like this is a cop out of actually addressing problems the game has.
  2. Ok still ty t-pose is now gone, my other mods are loading normally and I got rid of the inconsistencies which was caused by the Tera ellin 2 mod not having the proper animations installed. Still I appreciate The help.
  3. oh ok ty ill fix that glad i asked for help cause i didnt understand what was going on. I was certain I had either had deleted something i should not have or When playing with the modding tools i had done something worse.
  4. No I posted a video that also showed it up above. When i load every human character including me is t-posed. Animals and creatures are completely fine they animate like normal. When i start a new game the character is T-posed. I am hoping to avoid if possible uninstall mods and reinstall them one at a time as vortex is so slow it would take me year to do that with over 200 mods.
  5. Ok i Reinstalled SKSE no effect, Reinstalled XPMS after i had redownloaded it nothing, I then reinstalled cosio making sure not to ovewrite XPMS, no effect. I ran FNIS, SKyproc patcher, and loot no go. Its weird as my game worked perfectly two days ago. The only bugged thing was the beeingfemale was not starting up so I downloaded the updated version.
  6. Ill do that maybe i need to redownload XPMS.
  7. <Solved> To anyone reading this the below conversation states what went wrong. Please ensure that you check to make sure you have the appropriate mods for the game you are playing installed. for instance don't install SE skyrim mods in LE Skyrim (Special edition, Legacy Edition). Double check and Have a Great day. For a Couple of days now I have been getting a situation where I would load my save game; everything would be normal but as soon as I would load my save T-pose and beeing female and other sexlab based mods wont load. When I open MCM they are stuck
  8. Fallout 4 finally broke my fanboism, even after 250+ mods (mostly graphical and bug fixing mods) its still a $60 piece of trash. The very first time I booted fallout 4 and bam CTD why because it just works. Pre-ordering is now a thing of the past for, this whole thing also opened my eyes to the dreaded loot box or micro transaction debacle. I have decided not to support any of these triple A publishers. In fact I bought more indie developed games over the past 3 years than I have at any time. Also CC yea I see you paid mods you are not getting my wallet.
  9. This armor is fantastic and works beautifully with Horizon I tampered with the helmet and gave it thermal vision. Thanks for this outstanding armor mod please keep making more like this have a good night and thanks again.
  10. I adore this game so I am excited but Leary after so many disappointments I shall await the reviews.
  11. hmm ok I noticed the duplicate ill try a fresh install and remove the new gun and crafting. its weird though cause only when i unpack aphrodites bow does it crash. thanks for the input.
  12. Having an Issue sexbound loads up fine but once I unpack aphrodites bow I am getting a CTD I do have version 4.13. Log included in spoiler.
  13. Hello I searched the forums here and in google but either finding face presets or UNP versions. I am looking for/requesting a 2b bodyslide preset I use cosio and all in one CBBE HDT AP. I am hoping I can get some thing that matches or very closely resembles the body shape of 2b in Neir Automata cause them buns need to be in skyrim. any help would be great.
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