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  1. Which button prompts the animations!?!?
  2. Is it possible in the future we'll see a female Falmer animation in the future, cause right now all the ones seem to be for male Falmer. I tried testing it out and it wouldn't work until I turned off match creature genders in Sexlab and then played a male one.
  3. Nah I don't have the time to learn modding, my elf will just make do with the discoloration.
  4. So basically this mod isn't really usable on anything other than one of the human races, well that sucks.
  5. No, it was this version and it didn't show any prompt saying it was for another game like most Oldrim files do in Vortex.
  6. Couple months late but what mods did you use to be able to fuck the Spriggan?
  7. After downloading Galgaroth's SE port version it works now. (Thanks for helping Sandatharius. Sorry for taking up the post space.)
  8. Yep, same not a valid .dll error. After googling seems some people have had the same issue claiming it's not properly formatted for SE (but idk about that), will try a couple of those fixes.
  9. Hmm, I did this earlier before but got a dll error. I'll try again and hopefully it'll work.
  10. Can anybody instruct a brainlet like myself how to download this mod via Vortex? And any relevant plugins. Like first of all which folders to place the files in.
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