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  1. If you installed my mod then the school should be in the same place as it goes into the community buildings.
  2. Are you downloading the school or the club? If it is the club and you have downloaded and installed it, it should be in your building selection for community buildings. Oddly enough the same place as the school.
  3. Considering I asked in october of last year and got no response, that would be my guess as well. Such a shame because I really liked this mod.
  4. If you have the programme 7zip installed, right click on the package file you wish to extract files from, and select 7-7ip then it should open a new page. Go into that and select open archive. That will show you the archive's contents. Then just select all the content and drag and drop them into the appropriate folder. C:/users/insertnamehere/mydocuments/electronic arts/mods/packages .Do the same for the animations package as well.
  5. I have had this happen a few times. My suggestion would be just save the game and reload the game and look again. It should be there. I have no idea why it does this, but it is annoying as heck. Hope I helped.
  6. WOOHOOER expands on Vanilla Woohoo from what I remember, so it is incompatible with this mod. If you want to use vanilla under-the-sheets woohoo, use Woohooer. If you want unique sex positions and animations, then this is the mod for you.
  7. Ok, so I think what you have done is download the package and placed it in the appropriate folder, but have not unzipped the files using 7zip. The files you want are inside the package. Just extract the files you need (which is all of them, unless your using the videos file from another mod) and place them into your C:/Users/insert name here/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages folder. Then the mod should work.
  8. You could always try a cold shower? That usually gets rid of the debuff and should let you go on with your day.
  9. Erm, these work for Fallout 4? Considering they are Skyrim files, I kinda doubt it.
  10. DickTracy

    Facial Animations?

    Then we can only hope someone can make one. I would but I do not have the skills required for such a feat. I am sure there is someone out there who has the skills to do it, though would they be willing to take up the task? We can live in hope
  11. DickTracy

    Facial Animations?

    Poses are great for screenshots. That is not what I am looking for though. More like this Facial Animations For Skyrim . So that when an animation is running, you can also have facial animations as well so it looks like your character is having sex with a human being instead of a lifeless corpse.
  12. I have noticed that all characters no matter who they are, are very stone faced. They have little to no expressions whatsoever. It is a little frustrating when using sex mods as you look like your having sex with a corpse and that seems so very wrong to me. I know in skyrim there is a facial animation mod, but can one be made for this game as well? Does one already exist?
  13. DickTracy

    Kinky world woo hoo

    If I remember right, you have to flirt and such before your partner would even think of having sex (you need to make them horny and also depending on your exhibition level, finding a private place to have sex) . Although I am sure you can turn that off in options I think. Also, you will need to switch off fatigue gain in the options if you want to be able to have sex whenever you want. Hope this helps you.
  14. If you have a body already set up, all you need to do is create a batch file that includes morph files. Just tick the box at the bottom of the bodyslide page which says include morphs or whatever it says and tick the one on the bottom left that says to create batch files, then click create batch files. . Then include all the clothes that are available to said batch file using your body file and click accept. Then it should go through them all with your bodyslide preset and when done you should be able to change your body size in game while wearing your clothes. I hope this helps you.