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  1. Kinky world woo hoo

    If I remember right, you have to flirt and such before your partner would even think of having sex (you need to make them horny and also depending on your exhibition level, finding a private place to have sex) . Although I am sure you can turn that off in options I think. Also, you will need to switch off fatigue gain in the options if you want to be able to have sex whenever you want. Hope this helps you.
  2. If you have a body already set up, all you need to do is create a batch file that includes morph files. Just tick the box at the bottom of the bodyslide page which says include morphs or whatever it says and tick the one on the bottom left that says to create batch files, then click create batch files. . Then include all the clothes that are available to said batch file using your body file and click accept. Then it should go through them all with your bodyslide preset and when done you should be able to change your body size in game while wearing your clothes. I hope this helps you.
  3. ONIKI KINKYWORLD 0.37 (Build 375).7z is the latest file. Click it and it will download. Then use 7zip or winrar to unzip it and place the files in your mods folder (location of which should be C:Users/YOUR PC NAME/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The simes 3/Mods/Packages ) To add, if you cannot find the file, if you are using Mozilla Firefox you can find it in C:users/YOUR PC NAME/Downloads (That is the default path for downloads as far as I am aware). Hope this helps.
  4. That is true. Because you have young kids that go to school as well, without a rabbithole school they will have nowehere to go. Which would cause problems with your game including errors which would cause the game to crash. Always in any world you use, have 1 rabbithole school and 1 modified school if you want the teens to go to your custom school. You should have no problems from that point onwards.
  5. Well, I am no longer suffering from woohoo interruptus.. All I had to do to fix it was to lower the time between woohoo sessions so they did not last as long.
  6. Thats just it though, my sims cannot even have sex in their own home without getting that stupid thing. The last animation errors out and thats the debuff I get. I have tried a new game, I have tried resetting the lot and the sims, and it still keeps happening. Even happens with any sims I create and add. For some reason, with this version of Onikikays mod, this keeps happening and it is annoying the freakin hell outta me. I dont even want to play the game now until this gets fixed. A little help fixing this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. So I take it that I am the only one troubled by the woohoo interruptus problem?
  8. 0.37 is all you need and all it contains.
  9. Again, nope. Privacy of their own home, with no other sims in sight. The thing is, being seen should not matter to my sims anyway, as they dont hesitate to have sex in public. They just cannot finish the last animation. They go through a multitude of animations and on the last one it just seems to error out aka do the wrong animation, then simply cancel and get that debuff.
  10. Normally that would help, but my sims woohoo level and exhibition levels are 8+ so I am afraid that is not the reason. Nice try though.
  11. Ok I have a question. Is anyone else's sims unable to finish having sex and constantly getting a woohoo interruptus debuf? For some unknown reason my sims are constantly having this problem. They never had this problem before, not until this latest update. (only just found out about this as I have not actually been playing the game for a while but I did add the latest update) I have tried making a new game, but it still keeps on happening. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Remove the stage you have those 2 chairs on. I had to remove them on my school mod as apparantly with that stage (which is odd btw) it does not recognise it as a prom room. Seems a little strange to me, as you will find in most schools, the chairs are on a stage of some kind, or even a little platform.
  13. I kinda like that it is simple. I only had to add what is needed, with a few decorative items as well that wont break it. If anything else is added, it may make it a bit too convoluted at least for me to use.
  14. Because since the website change, I have no damn clue how to add a new file to already existing files. So I had no choice but to make a new one.
  15. You need at least 2 schools. 1 rabbithole school for the younger kids, and 1 open school for the teens. If you set the open school up as a high school in Oniki Kays mod, the teens will go there instead of the rabbithole school. Hope that helps you.