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  1. We supposed to be able to walk right through one of the walls and fall into the void in the main room?
  2. Huh, that actually worked. Strange, I was fairly sure I tried that before and it didn't work, but now it did. Either way, thanks much.
  3. Okay, been having this issue for a long while but finally got annoyed enough to ask about it I guess, but the collar options are basically useless for me with NPCs, because the MCM refuses to register collars when NPCs wear them. Like, the register option just will not tick on. Any ideas as to what might be happening would be appreciated.
  4. ADD as in Devious Devices? Yeah, I switched to 4.0. And yeah, it would happen if I tried to TFC just standing around while enslaved in older versions, but it didn't mess with sex scenes until the latest update.
  5. Any way I can get this to stop screwing up flying camera mode during sex scenes? After upgrading to latest, when I'm enslaved any attempts to use free flying camera just resets to the normal camera, and I really don't like being stuck with the much worse normal camera angles.
  6. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I don't really want to search through 70 pages to be sure, but I have a problem with the Nord Queen start, every time I use it, eventually something happens without my notice that brings my max stamina down to near nothing, and in some cases negative numbers.
  7. Well, thanks anyway. I still enjoy this so much nonetheless. :3
  8. I'm also getting CTDs in Wolf Cave, and it always happens when a round of sex between the Alpha Wolf and Maera Sirius ends naturally. I've been using this mod for a while, between two different computers and with a buttload of different mods at different times, but the crashes remain constant, every time I do the Wolf Cave I have to either use the Killall console command to kill the Alpha Wolf before the sex ends or TCL to the end to interrupt before it finishes. I've even uninstalled every single mod and DLC besides LBGW and its dependencies, it still crashed at that same spot. Help would be
  9. Dass hat aber nichts zu tun mit SLEN. Wenn du SexLab 1.60 benutze und "Free camera" aktiviert habe, kann deine Spieler bewegungslos werde. Es passiert nicht immer, aber schon ganz oft. Du muss dan "Free camera" deaktivieren. (entschuldigen mein schlechtes Deutsch) Well, it´s true. It has to do with the free camera, but it was working perfectly with it before I updated to Framework 1.60 Hotfix 1 (used 1.59 before). And I really love the free camera. Had a similar problem with an old version of the framework as far as I remember. Hope this gets resolved again. I think I might have f
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