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  1. Hey all. So, I'm working on a character for my Skyrim game that is a samurai/ronin with a cherry blossom motif. I already have the kimono and samurai armor (both customized, zapped outfits) and a katana. What I need are a few spells and effects for her and I was hoping someone more skilled at magic and magic effect creation could assist me. I have a concept for the spells in mind just not the talent with creating them, specifically extra effects. The first thing I would like some assistance with is a swirling effect that I can use a small texture file of a cherry blossom petal and add it to custom recolored spells. For a healing spell, I'd have it swirl around the caster. For a damaging spell like a recolored firebolt or fireball, the petals would swirl around the affected target as the "explosion" effect. Lastly, I was hoping to have a really cool effect for when she gets a critical hit with the magic katana she will eventually have. The concept of this is that when she scores a critical hit, the target is assaulted by a burst of cherry blossom petals that also hit surrounding targets.