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  1. In addition to what's been said already, the mod you've linked to uses slot 56, which I believe is the same slot used by chastity bras.
  2. Small bug report: Wearing a transparent catsuit and a strict rope armbinder puts the hands of the catsuit into the incorrect pose as per the screenshot:
  3. Hi, I asked this in the DDI thread, but I think it fits better here now that I've also tested it with the latest development branch. When the player character is wearing an armbinder and a hobble dress, she is unable to shout, despite being able to shout wearing each item on its own - is this intended behaviour? Not a huge deal, but in the mod I'm writing, there's a section where the character has to shout while wearing both of these restraints. Is there a way for me to work around this, maybe by adding/removing keywords from my custom devices (copies of th
  4. Thanks for the mod, and the new update is great. Question: when I put on the armored ebonite harness that Vundan gives me, is there any way to get it off? I've tried using Raina's keywand, a normal restraints key, and also asking Raina to remove restraints. She'll remove the other ebonite restraints, but not the harness. Thanks in advance
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