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    I'm Ella Noir and I'm about to make your Sims' fantasies happen.

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  1. Yayyyy! That is exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much. I, too, am discouraged when I play mods with typos, poor grammar, punctuation, etc. along with seemingly half-assed descriptions. I wanted to make sure FlirtyFetishes has the best quality I could provide. Creating a mod is a lot more than just coding; it is art as much as it is math. Modding is my favorite thing because I can combine creativity with math and problem solving. So glad you saw the depths I've taken!
  2. I am going to do my best to make this happen. I will be using the same type of relationship bit, probably just import the files I have that create the D/s Dynamic, so it is possible. But I am not as skilled as I liked to be so can't say for sure, but I sure as fuck am gonna try, doll!
  3. Hmm, this seems like something that is not in the niche of FlirtyFetishes but something entirely differently.
  4. YESSSSSSSSS. OMG lol. Someone has commented my writing! Haha. I am writer before I am anything, therefore, reading your mentions of punctuation and writing style is a complete honor. Thank you! I am so thrilled by this comment and am so appreciative you took the time to write it. It means very much!
  5. Right now, the highest relationship for FlirtyFetishes: BDSM is D/s Dynamic. This will change once two Sims have had a Collar Ceremony. The ceremony is still in progress of production at this time
  6. That is a great idea! That of course could be simply accomplished with some FlirtyFetishesBDSM existing socials with a name override. I could try to do that for you!
  7. Hi, so I know it would be fun to have something of this degree, and I do plan on creating it! Just you wait ❤️
  8. Hi, so as of now, once you reach Master/Mistress and slave, the mod ends. But don't worry, soon enough these traits will have their own relationship, moods, buffs, etc.!
  9. Well I'm glad you are enjoying! Sorry it isn't working correctly! I will look into this. Thank you for letting me know.
  10. Hi! There will be soon, maybe in about 6 weeks, may sooner, maybe later! Working on a big update for Patreon, atm.
  11. This is awesome. Thank you for your acknowledgement 💋
  12. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I will try to produce a more natural attempt in the next update!
  13. I am so sorry that is happening. I will look into this! Yes! In the future there will asperations!
  14. That's okay. I understand you . Are you able to find the CAS traits "Domineering" and "Submissive"??? They should be in the social category for traits in Create-a-Sim.
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