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  1. Thanks to the whole team for the work on this. I'm really looking forward to seeing what The Facility has in store.
  2. It is an upgrade that you add on top of 5.0. It is buried in the middle of the forum. I'm surprised that I found it. Here is a direct link to the post: Page 111 of this forum - 5.0 SE to 5.1 SE
  3. Thanks for the update to 5.1 for SE. I was playing with 5.0 and since I installed it it has made my game pretty unstable with CTD about once an hour, at least. With 5.1 that has stopped and things seem to be running much smoother.
  4. Yeah, I have to agree with trying it out. I was aware of the mod for quite a while but had no interest in installing it because it seemed to be all about growing body hair on my character, which I don't really want to do. I gave it a shot when I installed Devious Survival and found that I like it quite a bit, and I can turn off the body hair part of it. I like how it builds in ways to change character appearance easily.
  5. The problem isn't the door names, it is that the mod seems to have hijacked a vanilla quest and moved the marker to The Facility which then breaks the quest.
  6. Well, I went to The Factory, but there were no quest markers pointing to the door, or to anything inside. It is just marked with the Ft Hraggstad marker on the map and the quest is not complete.
  7. Found a glitch. Probably related to whatever is labelling the doors in dungeons as "door to the facility." I was cleaning out Fort Hraggstad in order to join the Legion. After I finished off all of the bandits the arrow for the mission shifted. It now shows The Facility as Fort Hraggstad with the quest arrow on it. I haven't gone down there to see if I can finish the quest, but I doubt that I can unless I kill everyone inside. Even that might not do it. So, it has basically cut me off from being able to finish the quest. I can console it, I'm sure. Just need to look up the level codes for that
  8. There could be some fun stuff here if the customer has to "Sign" for the package to verify delivery before the pony returns to the carriage driver to be freed and paid. Maybe the customer signs the pony as receipt. Perhaps they decide to write some comments about the delivery service at the same time. SLUTS already uses SlaveTats very effectively, so that could have some fun options. Then it might be that the pony finds out that there was a bureaucratic mix-up with who to check in with when she arrives at the carriage driver. It seems that the paperwork was sent to the next town over and she w
  9. Thanks. That would be great to see an updated version. I use that program a lot, and would love to get PoP working on SE. I'll keep looking out for it.
  10. Is there an SE version of DDE 4.60, or are you just using the LE version? I've been trying to figure this out for a while. I seem to remember trying to use DDE LE a while back and it crashed my SE game. The most recent version for SE that I can find is DDE 3.50 SE.
  11. I love that there is an SE version posted here, but I still can't get this thing to work. It says that it needs DDe 4.6, but that is an LE version and the SE version of DDe hasn't been updated in years. If it has been I would love to have a link to where I can find it. Will it work anyway? Can anyone make an SE version of the current DDe?
  12. Awesome! Great to hear. Thanks for all your work.
  13. True. It is just a change as Kalmah has been pretty active here since the mod opened. It is just a dramatic shift, something that we probably wouldn't notice if he had only been posting once a week or so.
  14. Yeah, I've been wondering that as well. Hope all is well with Kalmah.
  15. STA is Spank That Ass. I'm pretty sure that is where the effect comes from, as I have it installed and have drool and tear effects. I think SLS is Sexlab Survival, but I'm almost positive that it is not from that mod, as I had the effects for a long time before I installed SLS.
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