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  1. Powo

    Emma -Episode 2-

    Thanks for reading ! I like to be different, surrealist in my fiction, a girl like Emma doesn't exist IRL, she's overly naive.
  2. Powo

    Emma -Episode 2-

    Thanks ! I'm going to try
  3. Powo

    Emma -Episode 2-

    Thanks for reading ! Yes, a guy gave it to me last month, it's so fun that you guys keeped my stories because I didn't keep them lol I want her to do whatever she want, she can change her hairstyle, get thicker ect...
  4. Powo

    Emma -Episode 2-

    Hello, here's the new episode of Emma ! Emma -Episode 2- Enjoy !
  5. Powo

    Emma -Episode 1-

    Oh yeah I'd like to have Velenda's Chronicle Act I to III ! You can upload them wherever you want mega or something else. Thank you very much !
  6. Powo

    Emma -Episode 1-

    Don't worry, I now keep my story
  7. Powo

    Emma -Episode 1-

    I use "The Legendary Booty Body" can be find on Nexus, it's a all in one Bodyslide with many Preset and I use "The Legendary Booty Body - Asstronomer", I did modify it a little bit.
  8. Powo

    Emma -Episode 1-

    Thank you very much ! I try when i have time, thanks for reading !
  9. Powo

    Emma -Episode 1-

    Emma -Episode 1- Hi guys, I know it's been a while 😂 I discovered that my previous story have been deleted by the host, so i was so desperate because i didn't keep anything about Velenda's story. Plus i broke my Skyrim LE, too much mod and i didn't know how to fix my problems. Right now i play on Skyrim SE, i have to say that i didn't crash once for the moment. Just to say that i can't predict if i do another chapter or not, it depends on my mood, i do my fiction for me after all. Enjoy your read. Yes i'm u/otashe
  10. Hello everyone,


    I was not very active since some months maybe 1 year due to my life circumstance, had my own appartment for the first time with my girlfriend, got responsabilities at my work, well basically doing my life so far.

    I'm actually working on my new chapter of Velenda, i just got excited with my new ideas and i tried to renew myself, i can't tell you when i'll release it, but at least the promise has been made.



  11. @Hiya! I'm happy that you said that because i want to do more of "slice of life" style.
  12. @3dd1 It's on purpose since chapter 2, she'll become T H I C C H E R when the baby will arrive soon or late ?, i'm actually working on her "new body" ?.
  13. @Resdayn I've Anubis Creature 4.2018 pack @Naked Ekans I think, i'll go on imgur.
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