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  1. lol first run through quest worked like a charm, started a new play through joined the cult and when i go to talk to the guy in dawnstar and solitude the quests wont update
  2. looting a corpse that had a parasite, little guy needs a new home after all haha
  3. that would explain it didn't think any one was still doing vanilla haha thanks and i look forward to the se conversion
  4. i just cant get this to work since the update no matter what i do skyrim will not launch if this is enabled now also does this have animated parasites integrated or do i still need to install that separate from this
  5. tried updating to new version but skyrim wouldn't even load after it was installed, had to switch back to the previous version
  6. this mod does support aaf right cuz i just keep getting text boxes instead of animations
  7. ok so great mod i completed the whole joining the cult path but then.. it just ends wth is there no radiant quest to come back and re perform the ritual or something?
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